Welcome to Apple’s Genius

Hey everyone it’s Matthew. Here we go Again. Yes I did have to cancel my last sight because of the transition to iCloud apple won’t let me use my old site anymore and it was very painful to update. Switching things around was horrible and the fact I always needed a computer around with me was a deal breaker so here we go with something new. We are going to start off with this. I am going to be able to update more often as I can with my iPhone and iPad and there will be a lot better stuff as there is some openess. Now be ware I am right now the only one making posts so I am sorry if I can’t cover everything you would all like me to. Summer is crazy. I will try my best and I will look for people who want to help me. Remember we give developer tips in the forum as well. So rather than making this a huge post go and check out what there is too see and remember a lot more will be added. Promised.



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