What Apple Should Do With iMessage

With apple rolling out the betas of iOS 5 there is one thing that is great about the operating system yes notifications but iMessage. It is really a great service that makes things easier but what if You want to message someone from your iPad but they either don’t have a newer iPod, aren’t in wifi, or don’t even have an iOS device with iMessage yes I could use my phone to message them but I want to leave my phone say upstairs and bring my iPad downstairs. That’s where there is a problem. Even right now as I am writing this I have my iPhone next to me so I can answer text messages. I think apple should make it so you can set up your iPhone to sync all your text message to your iPad and you can use your iPhones number to text people you need to from your iPad and get the messages from your iPhone to your iPad. It would make it easier. Just be able to text your contacts using your iPhone number and having conversations synced over iMessage. It makes sense right? Maybe we will see this in future iOS 5 updates or maybe apple has this in mind and is waiting for iOS 6?



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