What Apple Should Do with Game Center

I kinda wanted to share my thoughts on what Apple should do with Game Center as there wasn’t really any good news today and there is a need for a good post today. So what should Apple do with game center. Well they need to incomperate some things to make it even better. One of these things is game syncing. Now what I mean by that is they need to save where we are in the game maybe incorperate Game Center and iCloud so whenever say you finish a level on angry birds it pushes it to all your other iOS game center enabled devices. I am sad they did not implement this with iOS 5. Another thing that should be enabled is sending messages. Yes text them but what if you don’t have their number or their iMessage email because you don’t really know them? That’s where you have a problem. You should be able to send a message to them to ask if they want to play a game or tell them to get a game you can both play through iMessage and have the option not to show you the email they use for iMessage. Apple has allowed voice chat over game center but you have to be in an enabled game. They should make it so you can have a group chat like xbox live or just 1-1 chat with someone like a phone call yes but again what if they are only your friend on game center and you need to communicate but the developer didn’t implement chat in the application. There is the problem. Some more things Apple should enable thanks to my friend Peter (@pwc87 on twitter). A thing you should be able to do is see if someone is playing a certain game instead of saying the last game played and how long ago that person was playing the game. Yes after you are welcomed by the “welcome back (user)” it updates your game status to last played but say a friend wants to play the same game they have no idea how long ago you where playing that! So it could have been an hour ago and you could be doing something important when the trumpet interrupts you. So if it says if you were playing now or an hour ago it would be able to keep you from getting interrupted. Game Center can handle all this, Apple just needs to enable it.



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