Is this the next iPhone? I say No!

20110717-091614.jpg has told users that a user has given them images of the next iPhone. If the phone pictured above is a prototype than it has the same design of the iPhone 4 I can’t really tell the difference. The software running on the phone is is what apple uses to test the hardware of the phone. Some phones back when the iPhone and the iPod touch first launched some devices shipped with that screen.

The image above is when the device is connected to iTunes. It appears to be a first generation iPod touch. I think this is fake. A little Photoshop magic because if you connect an iPhone with that screen than what’s the chance that iTunes would connect to it like the one gizmodo had. Also why would iTunes have it as a first generation iPod touch hint iPod touch be the image for the device. So I am calling fake on this.



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