New iPhone 5 reported case shows Design changes

I had to kind of find out more about this before I made a post not knowing what I was talking about but this is what is the new rumored iPhone 5 design. As you can see it takes back to the iPhone 3G design with a curved back which I am hoping to be aluminum and that seems to be a rumor out there as well. Also you can see that the screen size has been increased to 4 inches instead of the 3.7 inches of the current design. The home button seems to be replaced by a touch sensitive pad that reads gestures and acts accordingly like a gesture to play music perhaps or something in that nature. Also the ringer switch has been moved to the opposite side of the device and the volume up and down will be the touch sensitive buttons along with the home button. Remember all of this is rumors and might not be the real thing but personally I like the idea. The home button on my iPhone is getting worn down along with the volume buttons. I don’t think the screen is necessary but it might be nice!



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