Proposed iPhone 5 case shows bigger screen, curved back, thinner


Today 9to5 mac got hold of images of a proposed iPhone 5 case that actually exist compared to the mockups below. The image does show a bigger screen, a thinner design than the iPhone 4, no volume buttons, and a curved back. Now there is room for a bigger home button but I don’t think they would have a bigger home button they would have the touch panel that we told you about yesterday. The design of the back seems to be very similar to the one of the iPhone 3G(s) just thinner.

Image above point to what the iPhone 5 could look like. Of course there will be some tweaks to the design but it looks really close because it looks like it will fit in the case and the mockups of the phone itself below. We’ll just have to wait till September.
[Thanks to 9to5mac]



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