Apple Releases iOS 5 beta 7 to Developers

Today Apple has released iOS 5 beta 7 to developers and this should be very close to the GM Seed. Either way you can download the update through the developer portal or you can do it as an OTA Update by going to settings>general>software update> download. Remember to install you need to have a battery over 50% or be in a power supply or the update won’t install so get downloading.

[Apple Developer Portal]



Can we stop losing iPhones in a bar?

It seems that once again an iPhone 5 prototype has been lost by an Apple employee in a San Francisco bar a different one than an iPhone 4 but it seems like this is getting ridiculous this has happened 2 years and in a bar. The phone was said to be auctioned on Craigslist for around $200 and it is said that Apple is not working with the police to try to really get it back. So all Apple engineer phone prototype users stop bringing your iPhone to the bars.

Sprint raises early termination fee to $350. iPhone 5 coming?

Remember before the iPhone 4 came to Verizon wireless they made their early termination fees higher? Well Spring is doing the same thing which makes me think that the iPhone 5 is coming to sprint when it is first announced hopefully sometime this month. This is somewhat strange given the fact that they have told employees not to mention anything about an iPhone 5 coming to the network. Could Sprint just be toying with us? Or could it mean we will see an iPhone 5 on Sprint this year? We will have to wait and find out.

iPhone 5 image leaked in photo-stream?

Well it seems that Apple might have leaked the iPhone 5. In Apples final version of photo-stream they have an image of an iPhone doesn’t look like a past iPhone. It has a larger screen. Here is an enhanced version of the image above.

It shows what could be a gesture area. This seems to be what all the rumors of what the iPhone 5 is going to look like. We will see sometime this month. Also a little side note I start school tomorrow so there will be a rumor roundup every day at 3-4 depending how much news happens during the day.

Apple Releases iTunes match for developers.


It seems today Apple has released iTunes match. iTunes match is what will take your entire music library and store it on iCloud instead of just your iTunes store bought items. iTunes match is free for developer testing and developers will get a three month extended trial membership if they purchase the service for $24.99 when it is released. Release notes:

iTunes Match stores your complete music library in iCloud, allowing you to enjoy your collection anywhere, anytime, on any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer. iTunes Match beta is currently available to developers in the United States. Beta subscribers will receive iTunes Match service during the beta period plus an additional 3 months for free with their 12 month paid subscription.
To get started with iTunes Match, download the current version of iOS 5 beta and iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 with iTunes Match. Once installed, choose Turn On iTunes Match from the Store menu, and click “Subscribe for $24.99.”
Please note that you must maintain a local backup of your iTunes library as well as any music you add to iCloud. Apple will periodically reset your iCloud library during the beta and it is critical that you backup your music regularly. Some features and optimizations of iTunes Match will not be available during the beta.

This is a great way for Apple to compete with amazon and google for their music locker services.
[Apple Developer Portal]

iPhone “N94” Front Panel Leaked

Monday, August 29 a picture was released by engadget and ubreakifix about the upcoming iPhone “N94”. Sources have said that the picture below looks a lot like the iPhone 4S which is rumored to come out sometime in October. The following picture is supposed to be the front panel of the cheaper version of the iPhone 5.

The picture above looks very similar to some photos of the iPhone 4S which were released last week, but with some minor changes. The only difference the Apple community has yet to find out is a small circular grill that’s positioned just above the earpiece speaker and camera. It’s really emphasized on the right side of the photo. Apple is definitely good at starting rumors and I guess we’ll just have to wait until October to find out what Apple is hiding up their sleeve.

More on this topic will be released as more information comes out. Stay tuned to Apples Genius to find out. ~Kind Regards, Hunter

Work with Me Please.

Hey everyone this isn’t a piece of Apple news but personal and site news. As all of you know Hurricane Irene struck Massachusetts (7/28/11) and that is exactly where I live. Now the storm has made it so that the roads have been blocked off, telephones are down, and power is down. Now this wouldn’t be the worst thing but the roads are expected to be cleared I my town in 4 days. Well al that aren’t major anyways. And for the power that is supposed to be out for around 3/5 days. Now due to all of this you can see that there will also be a problem posting on the site as I won’t be able to check for rumors as normally as I do so I am asking you to stick with me because I am going to be trying the best I can and if you want to help out with the site or help out with me because we need to get some trees out of my yard and some chopped down so they don’t hit my house probably then please hit the donate button any amount will help and the left overs will go to the site’s development and eventually give aways. And if you want to help posting on the site for this week then leave me a comment.

~Matthew Jagiela