Apple Going To Discontinue Magic Mouse for Magic Trackpad?

Well I hope you all like trackpads because CultOfMac got news that Apple might be discontinuing the Magic Mouse for the new gesture friendly Magic Trackpad.

We’ve gotten word from a previously reliable source that Apple is discontinuing the Magic Mouse in favor of the Magic Trackpad. Our retail source has informed us that Magic Mouse inventory is not being replenished for Apple stores, and that Apple is finally phasing out the Magic Mouse.

This is very hard to believe because not everyone wants a trackpad. I would rather have a mouse than a trackpad for my desktop. This could be that they are going to have a different mouse all together that brings more gestures to the mac which Apple would probably do than just have the trackpad be the future. So basically what I think will happen is that the magic mouse is going to get an upgrade for the new gestures in lion.



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