Work with Me Please.

Hey everyone this isn’t a piece of Apple news but personal and site news. As all of you know Hurricane Irene struck Massachusetts (7/28/11) and that is exactly where I live. Now the storm has made it so that the roads have been blocked off, telephones are down, and power is down. Now this wouldn’t be the worst thing but the roads are expected to be cleared I my town in 4 days. Well al that aren’t major anyways. And for the power that is supposed to be out for around 3/5 days. Now due to all of this you can see that there will also be a problem posting on the site as I won’t be able to check for rumors as normally as I do so I am asking you to stick with me because I am going to be trying the best I can and if you want to help out with the site or help out with me because we need to get some trees out of my yard and some chopped down so they don’t hit my house probably then please hit the donate button any amount will help and the left overs will go to the site’s development and eventually give aways. And if you want to help posting on the site for this week then leave me a comment.

~Matthew Jagiela



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