Facebook iPad app to be announced at Apple iPhone Event?

Mashable is reporting that Facebook’s long awaited iPad app will be announced at Apple’s upcoming event which is rumored to be october 4th. Also Facebook is reportedly revamping the iPhone app to be faster and usable and a new HTML 5 version of the mobile site. The iPad app was leaked earlier this Summer with it being in the iPhone 3.4 app and then being blocked by Facebook itself. According from a former Facebook engineer Jeff Verkoeyen says the app is ready, and Facebook is waiting to release it. The companies don’t have the best history but launching a revamped iPhone and the iPad app alongside iOS 5 and the new iPhone’s seems logical. So what is the rumored stuff for October 4th? The Next iPhone(s),iOS 5, and if the reports are true a Facebook iPad App. October will be an exciting month!

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iPhone event to be held at Apple Campus?

Yes I know I am late with this one but I had a ton of homework. So John Paczkowski of All Things D the original man who reported October 4th as the iPhone announcement date is saying that instead of the event booked somewhere else like the San Francisco center Apple will be holding the iPhone event at their own campus.
Why? That’s not entirely clear. Perhaps the release date was too much of a moving target to risk booking a large space like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), which has hosted a number of big product unveils in the past. Perhaps, the company felt a more intimate venue was best for newly installed CEO Tim Cook’s first media event. Perhaps YBCA was simply already booked. Whatever the reason, the world will get it’s first look at the next iPhone at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium in early October.
The Cupertino campus is where Apple had the free iPhone bumper press conference last year. Never before has an iPhone ben announced on the California campus. Then again nothing this year is like before.

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Google+ Updates with Hangouts, Messenger, More [Apps]

Well after I reviewed Google+ for iPhone and the service basically in general they pushed an update to the iPhone app to reflect some changes on the site itself and some things that some people will be happy too. Here is the full change log!

  • Join hangouts from the mobile app
  • Huddle is now Messenger
  • Send photos in Messenger
  • +1 on comments
  • Reliability improvements in Messenger
  • Granular push notification settings
  • Map view in profile for places you’ve lived
  • improved +mention support
  • Share a post with individuals
  • Improved public search for people
  • Various bug and performance improvements

Now just to be clear you can only join hangouts you can not make one… At least not yet and you need an iPhone 4, an iPod touch 4, or an iPad 2 to join hangouts I’m sure because you need to use the front camera. The app seems to be stable which is more than I can say for the Facebook app.

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LTE iPhone Coming in 2012 with “Materially improved user interface”

Well here is something that can make people dream. A new report from Wedbush securities said the next gen iPhone will land in October alongside “an iPhone targeting emerging markets and an LTE iPhone in 2012 with a “materially improved user interface.”” While I just reported here that there is defiantly a possibility of 2 iPhones the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 coming October 4th it looks like. The LTE iPhone 5 would be a great thing to take control of faster 4G speeds and opening all new things for the iPhone that was not possible for 3G like FaceTime over cellular data. It makes me hope when my contract is up I can run out and get a LTE iPhone and that improved user interface would be great for iOS 6.

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Former Vice President (And Apple Board Member) Al Gore confirms “New iPhones” in October

Yes we have said that October 5th would be the date the announcement would be and everyone is now set on October 4th but before that we were all speculating this month. When is it going to be? Well new iPhones yes iPhones are coming next month. Don’t believe me? Ok but do you believe former Vice President Al Gore who is also an Apple board member? Gore who is an every efficiency and environmental awareness driver in Cupertino said in an uncharacteristic plug “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month” This is the first time anyone at Apple has directly confirmed the launch of a new iPhone for next month. Also it is the first time someone from Apple has hinted at not one but 2 iPhones coming out next month which of course is the iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5. This doesn’t really prove anything until we see Tim Cook come on stage and tell us everything we want to know but it is better than all the crazy rumors floating around!

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Sorry T-Mobile no iPhone 5 for you

Today T-Mobile has confirmed the rumor they would be the only major U.S wireless carrier that will not be getting the iPhone 5 unless of course Apple pulls a stunt and doesn’t give it to Sprint but I doubt that will happen. Of course you will probably still be able to get an unlocked GSM iPhone 5 and then stick a T-Mobile SIM in their and get EDGE but it seems T-Mobile customers. You have to deal a little bit longer without the iPhone 5 being cheap and 3G network compatible.