Fun Apps: Doodle OMG [Apps]

For what I do and where I am (a high school) I am always getting asked “Matt what are the best new and enjoyable apps out there?” Well I am going to start making a post every week around the end of the week but today is special. This weeks app is Doodle OMG. Now Doodle OMG is a game where you are a stick figure trying to dodge ninja stars and boulders (yes they do look like cookies but ask the developer and check the info they are boulders). It is a really fun game! Full in depth view after the break!

What actually is DOODLE OMG?
Well DOODLE OMG was made by Tate Allen and is actually somewhat addicting. Now don’t let the reviews in the actual app store fool you. They say that it doesn’t have great graphics and that it crashes but it doesn’t I have had the game sense it came out and it hasn’t crashed for me once. If it does crash you might have to do a RAM flush (I’ll say how to do that later in the post) or you might need to restart your device. This happens to me all the time all apps crash and that is the only way I can find to fix the problem. Or re–installing app. So the objective of the game is to survive the falling boulders (that look like cookies) and ninja stars now be warned it does speed up after a while. Yes there is perks like a shield and arrows to increase the speed of which your character moves. The background also changes color depending on how high your score is.

What is the objective?

Well in Doodle OMG the main objective is to get the highest score possible but also Doodle OMG also is linked with Game Center and comes with challenges and it might soon have multiplayer support! The challenges are fun to do.

Hidden Features?

Funny there is actually some hidden goodies in Doodle OMG. One of these is Bernier mode. Bernier mod replaces the regular stick figure’s head with one with the head of a friend the developer knows. The code to access this is “bernierjack5” and you will be able to make play the special mode and there will defiantly be some good updates and codes coming in future updates.


Doodle OMG is an extremely addictive game and is great for killing time when you are say on a plane,bus, or riding in the car. It is extremely easy to play just tilting the device and the best thing is it is only 99¢ which is pretty good for an app that is a ton of fun.

Final Count: 4/5

To make it a perfect score it would need to have multiplayer so you and your friends in game center can dodge the madness together in this great app.

[ iTunes Link – 99¢] Works For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (not an iPad optimized app)



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