How to downgrade FaceBook for iPhone [Tips]

If you use the FaceBook for iPhone app a lot like me you will want to stay away from the new update for the FaceBook for iPhone app. Now you see Facebook for iPhone has a reputation for being one of the buggiest apps in the app store… This update takes it to a new level. You see they say bug fixes but it adds so many more the app can actually crash your phone. I haven’t been able to use it for more than a few seconds before it either freezes or crashes. Now if you are lucky you might be able to downgrade to the old USABLE version. It might be buggy but at least it works and to find out how to do this follow me after the break!

Step one:

First off you need to delete the Facebook app of your iDevice. Please note you will need your computer and not have deleted the trash from your Mac before you got the update or this probably won’t work. Now once you have deleted the Facebook app from your iPhone then plug it into iTunes and go to the apps section, then click Facebook and control-I or right click the app and say get info. Anything under 3.5 will do.

Step 2 (ignore if you have the app that is lower than 3.5 like pictured above)

Now say you updated your iPhone and synced it so you have 3.5. Sure that happens and there is a way to get a lower version back if you haven’t emptied your trash yet. The way to do that is to go into your trash at the dock and find the Facebook.ipa or Facebook(version).ipa then you need to drag it into iTunes and it will ask you to replace it say yes.

Step 3

Next click on your iDevice in the sidebar in iTunes. Click the “Apps” tab and then check of the Facebook App. You should then have a working  Facebook app and if you are jailbroken you can use the iPad app hidden in it! I hope this helps!

If you need more help then e-mail me at


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