Google+ is the new Social Network [Apps]

In light of Google+ going public yesterday I made an account and I downloaded the iPhone app to go along with this and here is the short review. It is better than Facebook and it has a WORKING iPhone app. For the longer review of the service and the App hit the break!!

It works unlike Facebook.

With today’s Facebook changes and the 3.5 app update I have gotten fed up with Facebook changing and breaking things and I know I am not the only one as I have seen people on Twitter and Facebook itself ranting about the changes and even if you look at the App store reviews for Facebook you can see people are angry and are sick of it. Google+ doesn’t just work on the web it works on the iPhone. Can it be?! Yes the app is quite enjoyable and doesn’t freeze or crash it is easy to use! The simplicity of it amazes me and it just works. I have been looking for this for a while now and Facebook never delivered it. +1 for Google+.

What is it?

Now if you are like me you have herd of Google+ and you needed an invite to get in which is not true anymore. Yesterday they launched the Beta version to the public and I think it shouldn’t be called beta because the site works faster than facebook and is actually enjoyable there isn’t a sidebar with a mini newsfeed which wasn’t a bad idea but you can’t turn it off. I can’t stress this enough the iPhone app WORKS it makes me feel like I should ditch Facebook all together and when most of my friends convert I probably won’t use FaceBook ever again but that is beside the point. The app is simple and that is our next topic.

The app works!!!!

You didn’t think I would make an App of the week without talking about the app? How dare you. Now the new Facebook for iPhone is so bad I actually tried to help the world with a possible way to downgrade it. That is where google+ comes in handy. It is one of the easiest things I have ever used. The app is simple. Your stream shows you what all your circle buddies are doing and if you slide from that screen you can see where people around you are and incoming which hasn’t had anything for me yet but when it does I will let you know what it does.


Circles was a great idea. Circles allows you to add people to sort of groups and when you make a status you can share what circle of people you want to share it with everyone or just your closest friends. It is really a smart idea.


Huddles is basically how you send messages to one another using the iPhone App. You go to a friends page through the circles section and then the friend and then you say about and there is a hurdle button. Hit that and you send them a message. On the web you have chat on the left and hangouts which is a video chatting service on the right.


Google+ is the next social network and it has the potential of stealing a ton of Facebook users over what they have done in the last few weeks alone. I say good job and for a starting social network and app it is remarkable! 5/5 for sure! It has some growing to do and I am sure Google has a lot more things to be added to this but it is a great start and it has a great iPhone app. Now I didn’t tell you all the features and that is for a reason. You should go and see them for yourselves!

[iTunes Link – Free]



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