LTE iPhone Coming in 2012 with “Materially improved user interface”

Well here is something that can make people dream. A new report from Wedbush securities said the next gen iPhone will land in October alongside “an iPhone targeting emerging markets and an LTE iPhone in 2012 with a “materially improved user interface.”” While I just reported here that there is defiantly a possibility of 2 iPhones the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 coming October 4th it looks like. The LTE iPhone 5 would be a great thing to take control of faster 4G speeds and opening all new things for the iPhone that was not possible for 3G like FaceTime over cellular data. It makes me hope when my contract is up I can run out and get a LTE iPhone and that improved user interface would be great for iOS 6.

[ VIA Barrons, Apples-Genius]



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