Will the iPad 2 get Siri?

There has been a lot of talk on if the iPad 2 will get siri or not. It seems to meet the requirements a microphone and the A5 processor so why isn’t it there and will we ever see it? Well there is a reason we haven’t seen it yet and a giant IF of the iPad getting it. Siri is right now in Beta testing for everyone with the iPhone 4S to get rid of all the problems in it and make it even better and to make sure servers are ready for it which haven’t been doing to well because they have already crashed. Also right now Siri is the biggest if not the only selling point to get the new iPhone. So will we ever see it for the iPad 2? Maybe but probably not. I think Apple is going to actually have Siri for iPad as a selling point of the iPad 3. Also remember Apple views the iPad differe’t than the iPhone they don’t expect it to be everywhere and you to need voice controls for it which is probably the reason the iPhone 3Gs- iPhone 4 voice controls aren’t there. So I think we will see it in the next model and if we are lucky maybe in a software update when beta on the iPhone 4S is done.


Happy Birthday iPod

Today is the 10th birthday of the product that has changed the whole way we look at music and how we looked at personal devices for ever. Even today the iPod is still amazing device and we have gone through so many versions. From the original click wheel iPod to the newest iPod touch you cannot denny it has been one of the most revolutionary device yet… And no one has been able to beat it in any category. Happy Birthday iPod. You have changed everything.

How to backup your iOS 5 Device to iCloud [Tips]

Continuing our tips for the all mighty iOS 5 today we are going to be looking at backing up your data to iCloud. Now some 0f you might have done this already and great. We all know iCloud will sync contacts, mail, calendars, documents, and even more. But it can also back up all your application data, where your apps go, your texts, passwords, and more. Like an iTunes backup. Hit the break to find out how to enable it!

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How to enable wifi sync in iOS 5 [Tips]

I want to start doing some tips for the new iOS 5 software as some people might not know how to use it as well as they can and can’t take advantage of what they can do! So today’s tip is how to sync over a wifi connection using iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5.

1. Plug in your iOS device into your computer

2. Select your iOS device in the sidebar in iTunes

3. In the check boxes in the summary pan select Sync Over Wifi.

4. Make sure your phone and computer are both on the same wifi network.

5.In iTunes either hit sync or just plug your iPhone into it’s charger at night (make sure your computer isn’t asleep or it WON’T sync)

So there you go! How to make it so you can sync automatically with iTunes when your asleep or over wifi in general.

Find My Friends Doesn’t Always Use Your Location

A lot of buzz has been going around Find my Friends the last couple of weeks and I have gotten to use the service a lot and I am going to clear up some questions you might have about it! So let’s get started.

Does it always use my location?

NO! You may think this because how else would friends find you. No it doesn’t you see what happens when a friend launches the App it requests all the locations of their friends. Then they can choose to refresh to find it again or not. It only does it for a one time thing it doesn’t always monitor where you are your friends have to request it.

how do i disable people from finding me?

You of course can always make it so people will not see where you are and it seems people forget this exists that it always is on! All you have to do is go into the app and hit the me tab on the bottom. Than you can turn on the switch to hide from your followers meaning they won’t be able to see your location!

Those are most of the things I have been seeing around the internet and people asking me about. If you have a question you would like me to answer on the site or even add to here then comment on this post, send me a message on twitter @matthewjagiela, or even on Facebook!

Getting iOS 5 tomorrow? You’ll need this!

If you are one of the people who want iOS 5 tomorrow you will need iTunes 10.5 that Apple has given to the public today! iTunes 10.5 allows you to sync wirelessly with any iOS 5 device connected to the same network along with some other goodies but most importantly you NEED it to update to iOS 5. You can open software update on your mac to get iTunes by hitting the Apple in the top left and software update and for everyone else you can go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/download My iOS 5 review will be updated with cards and Find my Friends Tomorrow!