What to expect from Tuesdays event

All of these things are making me completely insane. iPhone 5 or not? Well up to this point anyways I had believed there would be a new iPhone 5 that would be completely redesigned. Now it seems those chances are slimming day by day. I still believe Apple is messing with all of our heads like they did with the original iPhone before it was announced. After all this has been the longest time between iPhone models but that doesn’t mean they have spent the time redesigning the iPhone. Remember the iPhone 3Gs looked EXACTLY like the iPhone 3G just with bumped internals. Remember the iPhone 4 has a great design one that I personally love and it wouldn’t be the worst thing to keep the same design. Yes we have seen some proof of the iPhone 5 leaked cases, leaked websites with it, and even inventory and case arrivals at AT&T but nothing in iTunes. I honestly thing Apple is messing with us and we will see an iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s is just a place holder in iTunes with the CDMA iPhone look to keep people from knowing the truth and the iPhone 4 will be the low budget model. Either way don’t expect the iPhone 5 on tuesday because if it doesn’t happen… You’ll be disappointed.



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