iPhone 4S Review

I was finally able to get my hands on the iPhone 4s and all the Siri goodies so here comes my iPhone 4s review! Hit the break to find out everything about the best iPhone to date.


The iPhone 4S is known for having the design of the iPhone 4 which enraged some people but for some people they thought it was fine. And the sales prove design isn’t everything as this is the most successful iPhone yet breaking 1 million pre-orders in the first day. Now because the design is the same as the Verizon iPhone 4 if you had one then all your cases will fit! If you had the AT&T iPhone 4 than you might be out of luck as the buttons are a little lowered on the 4S. I still love the design of the iPhone 4 and the 4S continues to make me look at the phone and go “That is a brilliant design” it is amazing.


Siri is amazing. It works great for me. It is simple to use and it got what I was saying mostly right. It is incredible the things you can say and what it will do. It has sort of a personality you could say. The Artificial intelligence is just incredible. Never needing a set command is so amazing. You may say this has been on Android phones forever and you would be 100% wrong. I have never seen anything like this it is amazing. You have to try it to understand it. It is the future. It currently is in beta testing for the iPhone only but I am guessing it will eventually be ported over to the iPad 2 as it only really requires an A4 chip (shhh).


Yes the camera is amazing. The 8 megapixel camera takes photos like nothing I have seen. Completely high definition photos and 1080p video recording. If you have that old digital camera it’s time to get rid of it because this is the one you will need. I haven’t been able to see the video ┬ástabilization or been able to capture any squirrels but I will let you know how it is when I can I’ll let you know how it is.

iOS 5

This makes the iPhone and instead of going into great detail you can read the full iOS 5 review here.

Networks (U.S)

If you are outside of the U.S than just scroll down past this.The iPhone 4S comes on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint making it the most available iPhone Apple has ever made. And it counts. The iPhone 4S made records on AT&T for most activations in a day and best launch phone for Sprint. You can see networks count here. If you have AT&T your iPhone 4s is “4G” or HSPA+ so you get a little speed boost.

It comes in white!

Yes this time you can get your iPhone 4S in white from day 1! You may recall the iPhone 4 was delayed till just a couple of months ago because the paint was not going well and they even changed the proximity sensor to what it now is! So if you want a white iPhone 4S you can get it from day 1!

A5 chip

The A5 chip is the heart of the iPhone. It allows it to run faster than ever before and do even more things like Airplay mirroring. (I drove the Apple store nuts doing this on their TV in the store using their phones) It makes the phone experience faster downloads better game performance and of course SIRI.

Sum Up

So what do we have here? Well this is by far the best iPhone ever made but if you have an iPhone 4 and you don’t travel the world than you should hold off on this one and wait for the next generation. However if you are on Verizon Or Sprint and you need the world phone abilities it is worth the upgrade for you. Also if you are on Sprint this is a great phone and definatly go and get one. For 3Gs users yes get one. It is amazing. You will not be disappointed.


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