How to backup your iOS 5 Device to iCloud [Tips]

Continuing our tips for the all mighty iOS 5 today we are going to be looking at backing up your data to iCloud. Now some 0f you might have done this already and great. We all know iCloud will sync contacts, mail, calendars, documents, and even more. But it can also back up all your application data, where your apps go, your texts, passwords, and more. Like an iTunes backup. Hit the break to find out how to enable it!

Step 1: Go into settings and find the iCloud settings tab.

Step 2: You may need to scroll to the bottom on an iPhone and iPod but at the button of the iCloud preference pane there is Storage and Backup. Press that

Step 3: From there you will find the total storage, used storage, manage storage, and iCloud backup. it might be switched on or it might be switched off. Switch it on.

That’s it. From no on when your phone is on wifi and connected to power it will backup to iCloud and you will be able to access it when you activate maybe an iPhone 4S and you will be able to just sit there and wait for it to be done. You will also see the backup now button. When you are connected to wifi you can just back it up whenever you please. Tomorrow we will have app of the week and it’s a good one!



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