iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to have LTE [Rumor]


Sense the iPhone 4 has come out the next question for the world was when would the iPhone gain LTE 4G support. Many thought that the iPhone 5 that was going to be the first LTE device but then the iPhone 4S came around and that dream was squashed. You could say though that the iPhone 4S is “4G” on AT&T HSPA+ network but that’s not true 4G. Now the rumor is that the iPad 3 is going to be the first iOS 4G LTE device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to have met with NTT DoCoMo president Kiyoyuki Tsujimura and VP Takashi Yamada earlier this month to work out the details of the arrangement, and the companies have reportedly reached agreeable terms.

the quote above is meant for the 4G release of an iPad or iPhone. However this doesn’t say anything about the release dates at all. However if the iPad 3 is going to be the first 4G iOS device we see than will we see at a usual time this year in January? Or will we have to wait till later for apple to make sure the 4G works. Or could we see what they did with the first iPad release the wifi only and keep making and testing the cellular one? We will find out soon!


iOS 5.1 has references to iPad 3, iPhone 5, New Apple TV

iOS 5.1 beta was released last night and while I can’t see any differences but some Apps not working, but deep inside the code there are some references to some new iOS devices. This includes the new iPad 3, iPhone 5, and the next generation of the Apple TV. The new iPad is supposed to be launched around March but the way things are working this year have been a little odd so we will see.

Follow the link to see everything hidden deep in iOS 5.1


Microsoft office coming to the iPad and OS X Lion [Rumor]

The full Microsoft Office may be coming to your iPad! This would be of course to compete with Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications for business. It seems that Microsoft wants in some of this business. As it is rumored Microsoft is going to start offering its office suite for the iPad.

According to sources, the tech giant is actively working on adapting its popular software suite for Apple’s tablet. With the iPad making up over 80 percent of the tablet market and millions of people worldwide using Office, that could mean big bucks for the tech giant based in Redmond, Wash.

In addition to an iPad-ready version, a new edition of Office is expected for OS X Lion sometime next year. The current version of the desktop package, Office 2011, officially supports iOS versions up to Snow Leopard. A Lion version, likely available via the Mac App Store, is widely expected. Windows, too, is due for an update, with Office 2012 currently in beta form.

So in addition to the iPad getting some office love all of os running OS X lion might be getting office 2012 with Lion in the Mac App Store. All of the apps for both the iPad and the Mac should be less than Apple’s iWork app pricing.

Hitachi and Sony shipping 4inch displays to Apple for next iPhone [Rumor]

Picture From MacRumors

Here we go again with the 4 inch display iPhone rumors for the next generation of the iPhone. Macotara states:

According to Asian source, Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started to ship 4-inch LCD for new iOS device and LCD for iPad 3. These 2 companies will be merged their business with Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd., as “Japan Display” in 2012 spring.

However the 4 inch display might not be such a bad idea for the next iPhone. Apple would be able to keep the same 940×640 resolution they do now to keep developers happy and to avoid fragmentation. However some people would probably say that the display would not be retina which is not true. However there is a problem with apps that are old and do not support the retina resolution of the current iPhone 4(s). Would we see boxes around the display like with the iPad using iPhone apps or would some magic happen and the phone would just make the pixels larger to fit the screen?

[Picture VIA MacRumors]

iPhone 4S Unlock is in the works!

If you have an iPhone 4S and you need to unlock then you may be able to soon! According to musclenerd (@musclenerd -twitter) a member of the iPhone Dev-Team they have a unlock in the works! The iPhone 4S is the only iPhone that can’t currently be unlocked with ultrasnow or really anything for that matter. Here is the statement that musclenerd made

Crazy Thanksgiving weekeend! Very Promising 4S unlock is in the works (Not the i4, just the 4S… that’s the crazy part)

Above is the image that was posted along with the tweet. However let us not forget we need a jailbreak for the 4S before we can actually unlock the phone itself. The jailbreak should be coming soon along with the unlock.

Apple TV price drops suggest a new model is on the way

Best Buy and Amazon have started selling the current model of Apple TV for only $90 $10 dollars cheaper than Apple’s Retail stores. This usually means a new refresh is coming. Makes sense right in time for the holidays. Also with the (2010) beside it meaning it is an older model.

The new Apple TV is Rumored to have 16Gb of internal Storage, iCloud support, and an Updated A5 processor. Come on did you really think a Siri equipped Apple TV or a full iTV would just appear without a keynote? Just seems to be a hardware bump and yes I don’t expect us to see Siri on the Apple TV refresh either. Sorry!