How to Clear iCloud Photo Stream [Tips]

I want to help everyone find out all the things they can do with their technology so here we go with some tips! Right now I am going to be showing you how to reset your iCloud library in case you have some photos you aren’t proud of say or you just want to start over. So To find out how to reset Photo Stream hit the break!

First off this process needs to be done from a computer because you need to log into  sorry all you post-pc users maybe in a future iOS update

1. First thing you need to do is go to

2. Next you have to sign into your account.3. You should see your name in the top right corner click on that and you will get a little popup that looks like this:

4. Click the advanced tab on that little window and another selection should say Reset Photo Stream. Hit that and then a pop up will say “do you want to?” select “reset”.

Note: You need to turn off Photo Stream for EVERY device for the images to disappear off the photo stream tab!

So if you are one of the people who needed to make sure all of your photo stream photos are off the cloud then here you go!



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