Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS is Amazing

When I saw minecraft was coming to iOS yesterday I was pure excited at all the possibilities. Some disappointing but more great than everything. The best thing? You don’t need a minecraft account… For the full review hit the break!


For Desktop computers it is a game where you try and survive monsters that come out at night by building structures, furniture, weapons, you name it in the mode of survival. You also have to find and craft everything. Oh and you can just change the difficulty if you just wanna find blocks. Or you could just mess around and create structures with creative mode where you have every single block in unlimited supply with or without monsters in creative mode. Or if you or your friend can get a server started or know the IP of a server you can join a game together in either creative mode or survival with some special commands.


In short: It’s a dulled down version of the desktop version. It’s still very very good for all your on the go building needs. This game mode is strictly creative mode. All you have is 36 blocks to build your structures and you cannot craft say sticks with them. You can still make your structure very well though. The image you see above was made only using my iPhone and it has a whole other floor.


So I said there is only 36 blocks you can use for your structure. What are they? Well instead of giving you a giant list I thought you could figure it out by looking at the picture above. No you can not scroll and hope to find more. Sorry.


Multiplayer works really really well in this game. All you need is 2 devices running on the same wifi network and one of you in a world. The server is on by default. All you need to do is select the device you want to connect to in the “Join Game” section on the main menu and you are both crafting together! As you can see from the picture above that is what everyone looks like so that’s how you tell when someone is there. Now your supposed to be able to save the world to your own device and work on it yourself but that has just not worked for me. I spawn in the same place but non of the blocks are changed. Weird. Update please.


Those are your main controls. On the left you have what makes you go forwards, backwards, left, right, and even jump! On the right side you have what blocks you have selected to use. Use the dots (…) to select more bricks and get to the options to quit and everything else. To place a block just tap anywhere and your done!


Minecraft Pocket Edition is amazing for the first version but can and will be improved. The good: It is easy to use, it is insanely addictive, you have mulitplayer, and best of all YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY FOR THE MINECRAFT ACCOUNT TO PLAY like on the desktop. The bad: You have limited blocks, the save to device for multiplayer maps don’t work, and there is no way to save to your computer to work on for later. All of this can be fixed in an update that may already be in the works. You can buy Minecraft: Pocket Edition for $7 on the App store! Link Below.

(Minecraft Pocket Edition – $7 – iTunes Link – UNIVERSAL)



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