Apple preparing a 7inch iPad?

Every year sense we saw the iPad there has been crazy rumors of Apple making a 7 inch iPad so much Steve himself said the company would never make one! There is still rumors of them happening and here is the newest one: A 7inch iPad 3. Yes. Just like the 7 inch iPad 2 there is now a 7 inch iPad 3 rumor. There has never been a reason for Apple to even consider making an iPad that is 7 inches… Until now. The kindle fire Amazons “best selling product ever launched” is the 7 inches and has some steam going because it is allowed to be sold for such a low price because it’s smaller. So this is one reason they could be going for it. A very low budget iPad for people who just need something that small. We have herd of Apple ordering 7 inch iPad screens. However I don’t think we will see this. At least this year. I think this year they are going to test it. To see if they actually wanna put it out there. Above and right below is the 7 inch iPad 2 render vs the iPad 2 10 inch image.

So what do you think? 7 inch or not?



2 thoughts on “Apple preparing a 7inch iPad?

  1. I Would LOVE A 7inch Ipad. That would make me buy one. I’m waiting on the 7inch because its more convienent and protable. Apple needs to look at the high purchases fo 7inch tablets. They are perfect. So until Apple makes a 7inch, I wont be buying a big gualky “10”.

    1. Yes but it seems that the 10inch is doing much fine and releasing a retina iPad 3 and an iPad that is 7inches would be a pain in the ass for developers. Also going back about a year ago Apple had said 10inches is fine and that to use a 7inch device would just be a horrible experience. It could happen but I doubt it.


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