How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S/iPad 2 with Absinthe 5.0.1 untethered[Update:New Download Links]

The wait is finally over my friends. Today we finally have our A5 iPhone 4s/iPad 2 jailbreak and I am going to walk you through how to do it.

First here are the things you will need:

iPhone 4S/iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1

Absinthe UPDATE: Mac(New), Windows, Linux 

So once you have all of that the rest of the process is very easy here is what you do

1. Open Absinthe and hit jailbreak.

Your device will go through all the steps it needs. Your iDevice will return to the lockscreen before the entire thing is done. Only unlock the device when Abisinthe tells you too.

2. From there you will need to enter the newly installed app and hit Jailbreak or Install cydia. If there is a database error don’t worry the servers are hammered I haven’t been able to get through yet either.

3. Done. You have your jailbroken iDevice with an A5 processor. I will update this post when I see the servers are working.


How to do an untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 (up to A4)[UPDATE:New Download Links!]

Being a technical wizard at my school I am always asked how to jailbreak devices and the benefits of it. So I am going to start adding some jailbreaking goodness to the site. Anyways today I am going to walk you through jailbreaking your iOS 5.0.1 device. There will be a video for you to watch on how to do it below and remember this can be done for Mac and PC users. So let’s get started.

1. Download the newest version of redsn0w UPDATE: (9.10b5) (mac) (windows) and iOS 5.0.1.
2. Open up redsn0w and you will be welcomed by the following screen (click to enlarge):

3. From the welcome screen hit extras->select ISPW and find your iOS 5.0.1 download.

4. You will see a prompt saying that this will be used for the rest of the session. Select ok. From the screen hit back to get to the main screen from number 2. Then hit jailbreak

5. Just select jailbreak for now and hit next. (Multitasking gestures don’t work on the iPhone and should work on the iPad 1 with iOS 5.0.1)

6. Follow the on screen instructions and wait for reboot.

7.To get a reboot you will need to press back to get to the main screen when the Apple Logo appears on your phone. From there hit extras and then boot tethered. Follow the instructions and you should be fine. If this was done correctly you should see your iDevice booting with a pineapple

8. Enter cydia. Hit developer and then go to the search. From there search Corona. In the drop down menu it should say Corona 5.0.1 untethered. Select that and then install. You know have a fully jailbroken phone! If you did not get any of this watch the tutorial below!


More Renderings of the iPhone SJ Emerge

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Above are all the images for the iPhone SJ Concept including ones that emerged today. The iPhone Sj concept was amazing concept that I brought to you about a week ago. The concept had gotten so much attention ADR Studios added some new photos [Above] to the collection along with a video! This is what I hope Apple’s sir Jonathan Ives and Apple’s design team is looking at. Well some parts anyways. Full gallery of all the concept images along with the video below!


[ADR Studios]

Siri Coming to iPad?

Ever sense we have seen iOS 5.1 there hasn’t been anything noticeable. Until know. In the settings for the iPad in the newest 5.1 BETA we see dictation information for the iPad. This is the siri dictation about. Kind of interesting. Could siri be coming to the iPad 2 in 5.1? Or launch with the iPad 3? We won’t know. All of the above is siri features. However there is no way to activate the dictation within the OS itself so we will have to wait and see. Hmmm.

The iPhone SJ Concept is AMAZING

Today I found this. It’s the iPhone SJ concept. It comes with the rumored 10 megapixel camera and the A6 dual core processor which I had said won’t happen this year. The iPhone 4S is the same design as the old iPhone 4 making us all want something new. Hopefully this is close to something we might get. I love this concept. It looks great. This design calls for a full front glass capactive screen, and a polycarbonate body.  Remember the next iPhone is likely to be called the iPhone 5. Here are the rest of the images for this concept.

[ADR Studios]