Apple unveiling next iPad Wednesday!

I just herd that Apple has sent out invites for the iPad 3 we have all been waiting for. The event is going to be Wednesday March 7 in San Francisco at 10 A.M PST which is 1 P.M for everyone on the east coast. The tagline is

We have something you really have to see. And Touch.

The text “you really have to see” seems to confirm the rumor of the retina dispay. As you also can see from the close up if the device is in portrait there is no home button. Can this mean we are getting rid of the home button that has been with us from the original iPhone in 2007?

Apple sent the invites on purpose when Eric Schmidt was delivering his Google Keynote talk at Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The next iPad is rumored to be having a A5X chip to handle the upgraded display and maybe some other goodies. I will have a rumor video up later before the keynote discussing some of the rumors and maybe a live show. I won’t be able to cover the announcement.


iPhone 5 Concept from Magic Mouse is Horrible

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Some people and their concepts. Today we have a concept you probably have already seen. This iPhone concept was made to be if Apple went with a Magic Mouse sort of design for the next iPhone. How would it look like?

The design has a glowing Apple Logo which would do it for some people. The design has some major flaws. If you would put it down you would have it wobble everywhere. The photo has the Phone face down on the screen but that’s awful. Imagine all the scratches the thing would get! I honestly think this is the worst design concept I have seen.

We will be seeing a new design this year as it goes with the Cycle. 2 Generation iPhones have the same design then after that we get a refresh! The iPhone 3Gs kept the iPhone 3Gs design and the 4s took the iPhone 4’s design.

The iPhone 5’s would have to be designed around the hardware. We have rumored 4G LTE, a 4 inch screen, a bigger battery, and maybe a new way of charging. All of that would have to make it into the design so Apple would make the phone look like something that could handle all of that. (Follow the iPhone 5 Rumors and Concepts)

Here are the photos from the website along with a link:


2011 Macs get EFI Firmware Updates

If you have a 2011 Mac unless you have a mac PRO you have a EFI Firmware update for your mac. If you have the machines above then you will want to install this update. To do this hit software update or download the files here from Apple Downloads. Here are the improvements you get with this update:

This update improves the reliability of booting from the network, addresses an issue that can prevent HDCP authentication after reboot, and resolves an issue with boot device selection when a USB storage device is hot-plugged.

[Apple Downloads]

Apple Could Replace the 30 pin dock connecter for iDevices

Apple could be ready to ditch the 30 pin dock connecter it uses in all of it’s iOS devices. This would make some room for better hardware.

An Updated “micro dock” could make room for bigger batteries, 4G radios, and other components far more important to the iPhone and iPad in a PC free world.

Apple has made some components in their iPhones smaller for thinner designs. Like the micro sim to make a thin design for the iPhone 4 for more hardware improvements and a thinner design. Could we see a smaller dock connecter or even better wireless charging? This could be a problem for some people and case makers as all cases for these products are based around the 30 pin dock connecter.

This comes from popular rumor site which has great iOS news and rumors. They are what we are basing the iPad 3 launch date off of. March 9th.


Supposed iPad 3 photos compared to iPad 2 show thicker form, Tapered Edges

The iPad 3 rumors are going so crazy I can’t keep up with posting them so you should check for news on the official Apples Genius Twitter for updates. Today we have what is supposed to be a photo of the next generation iPad compared to the casing of the iPad 2. As you can see the casing is thicker which we have reported would happen.

The iPad is also expected to have a retina display, a 8 megapixel camera, better battery, and 4G LTE networking for Cellular iPads. The iPad is supposed to be announced March 7th around the same time Apple pushes out iOS 5.1.

[M.I.C Gadget]

Messages won’t work when Mountain Lion Is Released

Messages for mac is amazing. I will be having a full review up tomorrow. However it is in beta for a reason, so when Apple is ready to release Mountain Lion there will only be a few bugs rather than a lot of them. So what happens when the beta period is over? Well according to this that was able to find you will have to either get rid of it or upgrade to Mountain Lion. So there you go I will have an app review and the messages review up tomorrow.

Apple Starts 25 BILLION App Downloads Countdown

It has been a big week for Apple with the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion and now Apple has posted that it is about to hit 25 BILLION App Downloads from the App store. Thats pretty good for about 4 years! You can try and win the contest in 2 ways. One you can try to download the 25 Billionth app or you could follow this link and input all the information to get selected. Please note to enter you have to be at least 13 to enter and you can only enter 25 times PER DAY. The main prize is a $10,000 gift card you can use on the iTunes store. So what are you waiting for get downloading and entering!