Speculating on the iPad 3 again

A little over a month ago I made a story speculating on the iPad 3. Sense then I have gotten some more ideas what could happen, what I want to happen, and when the launch date could be. So lets get started.


This has and always be a guess. We have herd reports that the iPad has gone into production. Also there is reports of a “strange” event this month. Many sites have confirmed this is what they think will happen. I think this is true. I think later this month is the best bet to when we are going to see the device.


I am going to stick with my original guess and say the iPad 3 will probably launch sometime in March. This is because if the iPad was to be announced this month like the rest of the iPad’s then we would see the launch date probably be in the same time frame as all the other launches. So I would guess and say March. I could be wrong.

What I Want

There are a lot of things I want to see from the new iPad but some of these probably wont happen. This is just what I want to see.

  1. LTE. There has been a lot of talk of this and I believe that the iPad will be the first Apple device to be able to handle LTE on both Verizon and AT&T. I think this would be a great thing as LTE is expanded around the U.S.
  2. More storage. Storage has been a problem for people in the past. It seems there just isn’t enough. So why can’t we get more? We easily could. If Apple would use the 32 or 64GB for the starting low memory model and add higher GB models then we would be fine. They do it in the Macbook Air with 250Gb they can easily have 100 GB in the iPad.
  3. New form factor. Something a little new. They were able to make a new form factor with the iPad to the iPad 2 so I would like to see that as a possible surprise.
  4. New processor. The A5 does work well but they can make the iPad even better for all of us. A quad core would be very nice. It would make apps run perfectly safari even faster and be able to handle even more than the iPad can already.
  5. Siri enough said.
  6. Retina Display. This would be great. Taking the already great iPad HD screen to an even better. Videos in great quality. Photos would look incredible.

What Will Probably Be On The iPad

  1. LTE. I am going to say this will happen only because I know it will. With many people wanting LTE with there iPad this would allow some great things. Facetime over 4G for example. Taking limits off of the Wifi only apps. It would allow for a better user experience for the user. That is if you are willing to pay extra for the 4G model.
  2. Retina Display. This is defiantly a given. We have seen supply managers saying they supplied the retina display. If that isn’t enough proof for you there has been Images at 2x pixels. Retina. It will happen.
  3. Siri. This is a major major reason why the iPhone 4S sells. It may be the only reason the 4S sells. Siri is amazing. It does have a lot of things wrong with it though. Wrong results and not being able to connect to the server are just 2 of them. I think the new iPad 3 will have it according to settings we found in Apple’s 5.1 beta.
  4. Form. The form will be the same but a little thicker to make up for the added retina display and other inside goodies.

For The Rest

The rest of my list. It won’t happen. As I see it Apple wont allow more memory because if they were to add it themselves they would have to raise the price of the iPad all together. If they allowed outside storage jail breaking would become easier, piracy could become easier and people could bypass apple easily.I think they will be waiting for a while on the processor as of right now the iPad doesn’t need a new one and there has been talk of a lot of errors with it. A new design completely is out because they wouldn’t have time to work on the above and make it all work with a new design.

iPad 2 and 7 Inch iPad

For the iPad 2 there is rumor that this could drop price and still sell like apple does with their iPhone models. I don’t think this would happen. Only because the iPad isn’t really cheap to make and they might lose money putting it at a lower price and keeping it in production. For a 7inch iPad I will go into this later. Anything is possible.



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