iPhone 5 Concept from Magic Mouse is Horrible

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Some people and their concepts. Today we have a concept you probably have already seen. This iPhone concept was made to be if Apple went with a Magic Mouse sort of design for the next iPhone. How would it look like?

The design has a glowing Apple Logo which would do it for some people. The design has some major flaws. If you would put it down you would have it wobble everywhere. The photo has the Phone face down on the screen but that’s awful. Imagine all the scratches the thing would get! I honestly think this is the worst design concept I have seen.

We will be seeing a new design this year as it goes with the Cycle. 2 Generation iPhones have the same design then after that we get a refresh! The iPhone 3Gs kept the iPhone 3Gs design and the 4s took the iPhone 4’s design.

The iPhone 5’s would have to be designed around the hardware. We have rumored 4G LTE, a 4 inch screen, a bigger battery, and maybe a new way of charging. All of that would have to make it into the design so Apple would make the phone look like something that could handle all of that. (Follow the iPhone 5 Rumors and Concepts)

Here are the photos from the website along with a link:



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