Apple unveiling next iPad Wednesday!

I just herd that Apple has sent out invites for the iPad 3 we have all been waiting for. The event is going to be Wednesday March 7 in San Francisco at 10 A.M PST which is 1 P.M for everyone on the east coast. The tagline is

We have something you really have to see. And Touch.

The text “you really have to see” seems to confirm the rumor of the retina dispay. As you also can see from the close up if the device is in portrait there is no home button. Can this mean we are getting rid of the home button that has been with us from the original iPhone in 2007?

Apple sent the invites on purpose when Eric Schmidt was delivering his Google Keynote talk at Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The next iPad is rumored to be having a A5X chip to handle the upgraded display and maybe some other goodies. I will have a rumor video up later before the keynote discussing some of the rumors and maybe a live show. I won’t be able to cover the announcement.



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