Angry Birds Space Review

Angry birds space was released last week and just like every other Angry Birds game it has risen to the top of the App store. However how great is the newest game? You might not like it just a fair warning.


The gameplay of this game is great. It is less challenging than the other Angry Birds games in my opinion. You have to deal with gravity fields and floating rocks in outer space to get through the levels. You even get some new birds that would have been more useful in the other games than this one. The gameplay is great but again sort of simple and the birds are basic modifications of the old birds.

The Good

The good thing is Angry Birds space will keep you entertained for a while anyways but I will get to that later. The levels are a little more challenging with the gravitational pull. I like the new birds for the space theme too.

The Bad

The thing that saddens me the most with this installment is that I see more bad than good with it. The birds are the same thing just with one variation of the yellow speed bird which is now a purple speed that has aim. The only new bird I can see is the ice bird turning blocks into ice so you can destroy them.

So much payed content. You payed for the game right? Wrong! You payed for maybe about half of the game. You get 2 sets of levels and then you need to pay extra for more sets of levels. Rivio do you really need the money cause I refuse to pay for more levels.


It seems Angry Birds has plummeted into a way just to make some more money for the company and the people who created it. I honestly don’t love it. It is too obsessed with getting you to spend more and more without offering anything new. It is fun for a couple of hours until you have to pay for the extra levels…. I don’t say it is a must have because it is the same as every other Angry Birds Game.

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New iPhone concept shows a 4.6 screen [Concept]

Some of you might have seen this concept but then again some of you might not have. Anyways a few days ago there was a rumor that the New iPhone would have a 4.6 inch screen which is most likely false. However that didn’t stop from ADR studios which has created some of my favorite iPhone 5 concepts from dreaming up what it could look like. Although the concept is nice it is sort of ridiculous. The design is nice as they envisioned it with the bigger screen, aluminum back, and colored edges. Also with the concept the home button would be completely software based which some rumors have said would happen. Also according to this concept The new iPhone would have a side to side display with not one retina displays but 3! One at the top one in the middle and one at the bottom. Also the design calls for getting rid of sim cards saying the most advanced phone shouldn’t have old technology. I personally don’t like how they made the back with a bump sort of where the area of the iPhone 4 is now or the screen size or lack of home button. I do like the idea of the colored edges, colored edges, and aluminum back. Full gallery below!

[ADR Studios]

The new iPad Review

I love my new iPad. It is everything I wanted and a little more. While the full review is going to have to wait I wanted to share what makes me love this thing so much!

Retina Display

The new retina display is absolutely incredible. It is the best feature of the new iPad and really just the screen would make me recommend it to everyone I know. It is just that amazing. You can’t see it from the photo above but really it is incredible. When apps start taking advantage of this like some already have then this great device will be even better.


If you spent the extra cash for the 4G LTE iPad then you will probably have found this great if you have LTE in your area. Unfortunately I do not have LTE for AT&T or Verizon in my area so I went with AT&T HSPA+ and even then the speed is good but not as good as LTE. I can’t wait to tryout LTE.



The image you see above was taken from the new iPad and let me tell you the camera in this thing is a GIANT improvement. Look how clear the iPhone 4 is in the picture! This does not give you permission to however go around using your iPad as your new camera because face it you look like an idiot when you do that. But if you have it with you say in the house, sitting outside, or just have it near go head and snap be. Just don’t bring it everywhere JUST to take photos.


Speech to text is a great thing on the iPad. It works very well and gets the job done correctly and fast. It’s not Siri but it’s very useful. Do you believe I just wrote this entire section using only the iPads dictation?


The processor is great in this thing the new iPad is very very fast. It loads things faster than I have seen on a lot of their devices. It works well. Everything is smooth and I love it.


The feel is great. Even though it is a little thicker than the iPad 2 and a little heavier you won’t really notice. It really feels great to use.


The iPad is a great thing. The retina display sells it for me but if you have an iPad 2 wifi or 3G and don’t mind the speeds or the display then you might want to stay away. I feel however the display and the speeds just sell it. I will be posting some apps throughout the weekend to help you get started with your new iPad.




New iPad gets Torn Apart

While most of us wait for the delivery or the stores to open for our new iPad, iFixit has started to rip it apart.

Oh goodness! It’s so beautiful! Even turned off, the 2048×1536 pixel “Retina Display” seems to radiate with colors one could not even begin to imagine. … As we lift the LCD, we hear the cries of 3,145,728 pixels being removed from their homes inside the iPad 3.

Here is what they found:

  • Display connector is incompatible with the iPad 2 meaning you can’t by the display and swap it with your iPad 2 display.
  • Samsung is manufacturing the displays.
  • A5X can handle an extra 200MHz of speed.
  • Logic Board:
    • Texas Instruments CD3240 driver device
    • Broadcom BCM4330 802.11a/b/g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with Integrated Bluetooth 4.0+HS and FM Transceiver
    • Two Elpida LP DDR2. Each package is 512 Mbyte for a total of 1 Gbyte
    • Qualcomm PM8028 Power Management IC
    • Toshiba ZX0730 1123KLD
    • Qualcomm RTR8600 multi-band/mode RF transceiver for LTE bands (under the thermal pad)
    • Broadcom BCM5973 I/O controller
  • Also a upgraded 42.5 watt-battery.

Here is the youtube video of what they found

Tomorrow I will have some first impressions up along with probably an unboxing video for us! To see more of the insides visit iFixit


If you pre-order your iPad now you won’t get it launch day

First off I would like to apologize for not saying anything on the new iPad. Just by the time I could post everything you could have read it on 20 different sites and I didn’t have the time. However I was able to pre order mine so I can get it on launch day!

It seems that if you order the iPad now no matter what model you will not get on on the 16th you will get it after the 19th. All though it is only 3 days later the iPads that are supposed to arrive on launch day most of them have already been shipped.

The new iPad was sold out of pre-orders for at least AT&T in the first day of sales. Or few hours for that matter. Hopefully you got your iPad pre-order in so you can get it on launch day. I know I did. Good luck for all of you who are going to be trying to get into the retail store to get your hands on the newest best iPad yet.

Say goodbye to

Remember The thing no one really used because there was other things to share documents. Well Apple has realized that no one really uses it and will shut it down in favor of iCloud document syncing July 31st. was announced as a public beta and was integrated as an as way to access and edit documents on the web by uploading the document. You could edit on PC or MAC from the website and download the document to iOS. Also being able to use all iWork apps to upload to the site. However with iCloud the document is downloaded directly to iOS and soon to your mac with mountain lion integration. If you are one of the people tha actually used will you miss it?