If you pre-order your iPad now you won’t get it launch day

First off I would like to apologize for not saying anything on the new iPad. Just by the time I could post everything you could have read it on 20 different sites and I didn’t have the time. However I was able to pre order mine so I can get it on launch day!

It seems that if you order the iPad now no matter what model you will not get on on the 16th you will get it after the 19th. All though it is only 3 days later the iPads that are supposed to arrive on launch day most of them have already been shipped.

The new iPad was sold out of pre-orders for at least AT&T in the first day of sales. Or few hours for that matter. Hopefully you got your iPad pre-order in so you can get it on launch day. I know I did. Good luck for all of you who are going to be trying to get into the retail store to get your hands on the newest best iPad yet.



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