This is one of the worst iPhone concepts I have ever seen… [EDIT]

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[Edit: If you where to take the back disk of the phone off the concept would be amazing! I love everything except what they think it would have and the disk on the back… Along with the stupid attachments as well.]

A while back I posted the iPhone concept that was inspired by the magic mouse. I said it was the worst concept I had ever seen. That is still true but this one is tied with it…

The concept you see here has a 4.5 inch screen (yeah not going to happen) a 1.2 megapixel camera with 3D shooting (HA no…) and a removable hard drive (ha can we even call this an iPhone concept anymore?). The disk on the back can have attachments such as lenses attached to it along with a projector. However the lenses are giant and the projector is too. You wouldn’t want to carry around the lenses to take a decent photo. Also Apple would NEVER have a removable hard drive. The camera would never get a downgrade to a 1.2 megapixel camera. That’s worse than the original iPhone launched back in 2007. It is an all out stupid concept but I thought I would share it.



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