Happy 5th Birthday iPhone!

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5 years ago from this very time (8:00 PM) on this very day (June 29th) the first iPhone was launched and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. To me the design is still the best with the brushed aluminum on the back. It will always be to me the best looking iPhone there ever was. It was amazing. I remember I was only 11 at the time and my mother refused to get me one. only 2 models available the 4Gb for $600 with contract and an 8GB for $700 with contract. Just last year I was able to get my hands on the wonderful device I so craved back when I was 11 years old and yes I still love it. Here we are 5 years later and that iPhone is the base of a ton of what’s around us. I am sorry android users but your phone was based off of this. So for that I say happy birthday iPhone.


Apple Releases iOS 6 beta 2 to developers

Yesterday (yes I am late) Apple released iOS 6 beta 2 for members of the iOS developer portal. The update contains bug fixes, more bugs added, and some new features which I will add later. To download and install you must be part of the developer portal. You can either download the software from Apple’s Developer Portal ¬†or if you are running iOS 6 already go to Settings>General>Software Update> Download. The Gears should spin inside the settings app but no the home screen icon stays still. So go and get it if you haven’t yet!

Apple Releases OS X Security Test Update for Mountain Lion

Yesterday Apple released a Security Update test for OS X Mountain Lion Preview 4(2). The update is an astonishing 1.18GB and has the following updates:

  • Daily Checks for required security updates
  • The ability to install required security updates automatically or after restarting your mac
  • A more secure connection to Apple’s update servers

So if you are running Mountain Lion beta 4 then go and get the update! Or wait for the push notification saying it was installed and you need to restart your mac! Happy downloading.

iOS 6 bugs I have found in Beta 1(UPDATED)

Yes I know iOS 6 is in beta and I know it is only the first beta but I thought I would share some bugs with you that I have found so if you are running the beta you will know that I have found them as well. So let’s get started

iPhone 4

  • Safari lags when trying to change orientation to full screen landscape or will quit entirely.
  • iCloud backup will ask you for a password. Even with the right password it will keep asking
  • Purchased for Apps and Music don’t work in iOS 6
  • Apps will not install over 3G. Apps will get to “Installing” and then an error message will appear.
  • Constant Freezing.
  • (Update)When selecting messages or FaceTime in settings entire phone freezes (Thanks Jonathan!)
  • (Update)Keyboard clicks don’t always happen

The New iPad

  • Siri will post to facebook but has an error posting to twitter.
  • Turn by Turn directions doesn’t say directions when locked (Might be smart cover problem)
  • NEEDS MORE 3D buildings.
  • Purchased apps and music section doesn’t work
  • When selecting certain music to sync in iTunes the entire library will delete… Pain for quick sync and go
  • (Update) Keyboard clicks don’t always happen.

Apple TV (2nd Gen)

  • Audio will not play through airplay
  • When using airplay the entire screen will be black
  • Will disappear from Airplay List


If you have found any other bugs please leave a comment below saying the bug and what device you are running or use the form below.


This iPhone render is well… Amazing

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Parts of the new iPhone has been coming out and someone took the time to make a render of what they would look like in the wild as an actual phone! I didn’t think I would like it when I first saw the parts to it. However let’s just say if this is anything close to the real thing I will be out on launch day to pick one up. Full Gallery:

My favorite iOS 6 feature is actually the new stores

iOS 6 beta has been with us less than a week and I actually love it. I didn’t think I was because some things just didn’t make it that I really wanted it to but yes I love it.

However the reason may surprise you. It isn’t the new maps because I am running an iPhone 4 that doesn’t get then. I have Siri on my iPad but that isn’t it either. It isn’t even the way the apps look a new blue with a status bar of many different colors. It’s the redesigned App and iTunes store!


Some of you are probably thinking in crazy but here’s why. I had the original 3G on 2.0 when the app store first made its debut into the world. However it has been like that from 2.0 to 5.1! However it has changed!

We all know the frustrating feeling when you are browsing for apps and you find one you like. You don’t even need to press the app section to download it anymore! Just hit the price and buy it. Also we know the feeling when we want more than one app but the app store brings you right back to the home screen. Bleh! No more! Now it will give you a little progress bar and will allow you continue to browse the store saving you some time. This is all available on the iPad too!

I love the design and the functionality in the new app store and iOS 6 in general.