My favorite iOS 6 feature is actually the new stores

iOS 6 beta has been with us less than a week and I actually love it. I didn’t think I was because some things just didn’t make it that I really wanted it to but yes I love it.

However the reason may surprise you. It isn’t the new maps because I am running an iPhone 4 that doesn’t get then. I have Siri on my iPad but that isn’t it either. It isn’t even the way the apps look a new blue with a status bar of many different colors. It’s the redesigned App and iTunes store!


Some of you are probably thinking in crazy but here’s why. I had the original 3G on 2.0 when the app store first made its debut into the world. However it has been like that from 2.0 to 5.1! However it has changed!

We all know the frustrating feeling when you are browsing for apps and you find one you like. You don’t even need to press the app section to download it anymore! Just hit the price and buy it. Also we know the feeling when we want more than one app but the app store brings you right back to the home screen. Bleh! No more! Now it will give you a little progress bar and will allow you continue to browse the store saving you some time. This is all available on the iPad too!

I love the design and the functionality in the new app store and iOS 6 in general.



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