Assembled Housing of New iPhone Video

Earlier today we got to see images of what is rumored to be Apple’s next iPhone design. It amazed me and others along the lines of the internet. So how could today get just a little better? Well a video of course! There is now a video of the housing put together for your viewing pleasure and here it is:

The next iPhone or the iPhone 5 is supposed to come with the same sort of form factor of the 4(s), an aluminum and glass back, 4 inch screen, new dock connector, new speakers, and a moved headphone jack to go along with the iPod models. However again these are all rumors and we cannot be sure if this is what Apple is going to announce, however if this is in fact the next iPhone then I will be very happy.

If you want to see the gallery here is a direct link and you can also just scroll down to the post below!



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