Why the iPad Mini makes sense [Opinion]


I will be the first to admit I thought the idea of a smaller iPad with around a 7 inch screen was remarkably stupid on Apple’s part. Then after the keynote I thought about some things and the idea kind of grew on me and now I am setting an alarm to go and pre-order one. The thing is the iPad mini makes perfect sense and it took me some time to realize it. You see I am a high school student and I am the tech person and of course I am a fanboy but here is the thing: I would rather have an iPad mini even though some of the specs are worse than competitors and is more expensive. The reason is simple: All my amazing iPad apps and iPhone Apps will run on it.

I have had an iPhone and and iPad sense the very beginning meaning I have a lot of Apps for both that help me do every day things. If I had to get a nexus 7 I would need to get more apps and they will look like phone apps. Given the fact some Apps that will run on my iPad mini but most are iPad apps. I want the iPad Mini mostly because I don’t like carrying my iPad back and forth everywhere because it is a little too big for short little trips but I don’t like writing papers and blog posts on my iPhone.


The iPad is 10 inches which is a little too big and is LTE enabled allowing me to surf the web on the go but I have tethering on my iPhone so I don’t need a LTE iPad Mini because I can tether my internet. The same thing though if I am sitting in the car and I want to surf the web a 10 inch tablet is a little pain to use in a car and to cary around wherever you are going say to a restaurant I am not going to have a lot of good places to keep it because it takes up a LOT of space. The iPad Mini will take up less space and I will be able to still write papers and do homework because it will run my iPad apps and will have iCloud to sync it over to my computer or other devices to finish working.

Now the price is a little bit of a disappointment as I could run and get a kindle fire HD for half as much but there is a certain thing about doing that: It isn’t as convenient as I would like it. I like how I can keep all my apps in sync and music collection from iTunes, be able to use iMessage, and of course FaceTime and documents as well. With the 7 inch tablets I wouldn’t get the convenience as I do with Apple products which is why I keep getting them. Plus of course the iPad Mini is less than the regular iPad with all the same features.

So there the iPad Mini makes perfect sense it just might take some time to realize it. Of course our iPad Mini review will be up once I can get my hands on the device. Everyone looking to pre-order hit up the post below to know how to make it easier for yourself and everyone else pre-ordering early tomorrow morning.