iPad Mini and Retina 13inch MacBook Pro to be announced the 23rd


I am late on this yes but I haven’t been feeling well if you follow my twitter so stick with me here.

The new iPad mini is set to be announced soon. Actually October 23rd according to many sources and it is actually what you think it is a smaller version of the iPad. There is no say if the iPad mini is going to have a retina display but you will have a 7inch display for your viewing pleasure. Also of course you will have the new lightning connector currently shipping with the new iPods and iPhones. Of course the new iPad Mini will have LTE support much like it’s big brother but will run you some extra cash for the extra antennas. Of course if you want the wifi one you can always pick that one up for a lower price.

Along with the notorious iPad Mini rumored ever sense the iPad first came out we should see a 13inch retina MacBook Pro. We saw the first retina MacBook Pro come out a couple of months ago and it has a gorgeous screen USB 3.0 and a new thinner DVD-less design sort of like the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is being worked on at Apple and if we don’t see it with the new Pros then we are going to have to wait till the summer.

So both of these devices are expected to make their way into the official world on October 23rd and when they go on sale is anyone’s guess.


MobileMe users getting an extra year of iCloud Storage

When you moved your MobileMe account to iCloud, we provided you with a complimentary storage upgrade beyond the standard 5GB that comes with an iCloud account to help you with the transition. Originally, this storage upgrade was set to expire on September 30, 2012.
As a thank you to our former MobileMe members, we will continue to provide you with this complimentary storage upgrade at no charge, for an additional year, until September 30, 2013. No action is required on your part. For complete details, please read this article.
Thank you again for using iCloud,
iCloud Team


Apple has decided to help all of us who bought MobileMe back in the day out by giving us another full year of complimentary storage. Apple originally supposed to cut the MobileMe extra storage September 30th 2012 but the offer is now till September 30th 2013. So all of us former MobileMe users will get to keep our extra iCloud storage for no extra cost for one more year.

New iPod Touch launching in 3 weeks?


The new iPod touch was announced alongside the new iPhone 5 almost a month ago. However we never got a release date for the device is still unknown. Apple gave the vague date of October. However we know a little more of when we can get our hands on Apples newest and best iPod Touch. The device could be launching in 3 weeks according to people who have pre ordered the device with shipping times being “3 weeks”.

The new iPod touch comes in many colors has a new wristband. The new iPod Touch also comes with a new A5 processor and has Siri built into it. The design is new also and the camera has been greatly improved.

Steve Jobs: 1 year gone


A year ago we lost Steve Jobs the founder of our favorite fruit company. Steve did many great things for the world and brought us technology a lot of us take for granted today. His memory lives on through his products we all love and through the company itself.

Steve you were an amazing person and brought the world so many amazing products and ideas. Just know we still think different.

iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 has been with it for a little over a week now and I think it would be a good time to review it. So let us dive into the best iPhone ever made in our review.


There is no doubt that the design is completely new. The form however is from the iPhone 4 we saw in 2007. However the design brings back the glorified aluminum back as I loved in the original iPhone. It seems to make the phone feel more business type than the older iPhones. The phone boasts a thinner design. In fact it is currently the thinnest smartphone you will be able to find on the market. The new iPhone also boasts a sort of shinny coating on the sides of the screen near the aluminum antennas which you don’t think would be so important but it actually makes the screen look even better. The headphone jack has been repositioned to the bottom with the new lightning connecting and improved speakers. Yes you also get a new 4 inch retina display which we will get into this more below.


The hardware is what makes it and we will get into a more in depth detail look at all of the hardware in individual little sections. For a summary all of the hardware is new to me it seems. You have a new LTE radio for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint for the US and many more for overseas. You also have of course the new 4 inch display with 33% more color contrast and yes it does make a big difference. The new lightning connector is actually not bad and companies are already working on cheap adaptors and products that have the new connector. The speakers have been improved taking on sort of the style of the original iPhone with the wholes in the bottom. However the A6 chip is what makes this phone shine making it lightning fast. So with the basics covered lets get down to each thing individually.


A lot of people were disappointed when the iPhone 4S did not get LTE. However LTE wasn’t even in most places and at the time there was no need to rush to put it in. Now with LTE expanded in countries and growing in the US with a great number of Android phones running on the network pushed Apple to include LTE in the iPhone 5. The speeds for me on LTE got up to 70 MBS as shown in the picture above. However speeds will vary because of number of phones on the network, coverage, and the network provider.

4 Inch Screen

The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone ever to get a screen increase. Honestly I wish I could say that it is amazing but it won’t come to life on Apple’s end for at least another year. iOS 6 was finalized before the event so nothing like on screen widgets or interactive wallpapers which are seen on Android phones happened. It probably will happen with iOS 7 next year for Apple and the main apps. For right now the screen is dependent on developers using the extra space for their apps. It is extremely annoying to used letterbox apps especially when they use the keyboard.

Lightning Connector

A lot of people were angry when Apple decided to change the dock connector it has used sense 2003 on it’s products. However this was a good decision. To make the device as thin as it is and to fit a bigger battery this needed to be done. The phone could not have been this thin and have as great battery life without using the lightning connector. Also don’t forget the best part: It’s reversible so it fits either way.

Battery Life

The battery life of this phone is simply amazing. I am able to make it last a full day with heavy usage and in places where I will be honest service isn’t that great. Playing games will drain the battery faster than surfing the web or listening to music but I am getting the expected battery life.


The camera is basically the same thing as the iPhone 4s same number of megapixels and all. Apple improved the video stabilization. The panorama feature is very very cool but is also on the 4S with the iOS 6 update.

A6 Chip

There is only one thing to say about the A6 chip and that is HOLY FAST. Maybe this is because I have been using an iPhone 4 for a number of years but the A6 in the iPhone 5 is faster than the A5X in the new iPad! It is truly amazing. I can launch apps and they will be open almost instantly no matter how big the app is. Apple did very well with this chip and the speed shows how much work they put in it.

iOS 6

I am not going to say a lot here because I am working on a separate review for iOS 6. However the iPhone 5 runs iOS 6 very well.


If you have an iPhone 4 or any phone with an upgrade I would rush out and buy the iPhone 5. It’s crazy thin and amazing in design. However if you are locked in contract with the iPhone 4S or some other phone and you can live without the speed and LTE then stay away for a generation and wait for the iPhone 5s.