Here’s What The Low Cost iPhone Might Look Like In All Colors!


Apple is suspected to announce alongside the iPhone 5s(or whatever they call it) to have a cheap iPhone alternative. The cheap iPhone is supposed to come in a bunch of colors and 9to5mac posted a great gallery of what they could look like. It will be interesting to see if this iPhone is real what it will do to the Aluminum iPhone. Also I hope the Aluminum iPhone comes in all of these colors. Gallery (Images Credit to 9to5mac)



Twitter for Mac Finally Updated

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.52.26 PMWell it seems twitter has given it’s Mac App an update after not even touching it for a year… The update is available is at the Mac app store and includes:

  • Retina Support
  • A New Tweet Composer
  • Updated Icon
  • 14 new languages

Personally I am going to stick with Tweetbot because I like it better but the update for Twitter for Mac will be great for someone who wants a free twitter client.


WWDC 2013 Set For June 10-14

wwdc13-about-main_2xApple announced earlier today that WWDC 2013 will be happening from June 10th to the 14th. Tickets will be available for purchase tomorrow at 10 AM PDT (3 PM EST). The event will show all of us iOS 7 and Mac 10.9:

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, June 10-14, San Francisco

Tickets go on sale worldwide on April 25 at 10 a.m. PDT

Get an in-depth look at what’s next in iOS and OS X, and learn how to take your apps to the next level. With over 100 sessions, extensive hands–on labs, and engaging events, you’ll connect with Apple engineers and fellow developers for an incredible week of inspiration.

I am personally excited for both 10.9 and iOS 7. I hope to have my thoughts up on iOS 7 before it’s announced.



Let’s Talk About The Next iPad



The iPad has no doubt been a revolution sense it was launched a little over 3 years ago. It has in many ways taken over computers as people just buy an iPad instead of a computer because of the ease of use and in ways the functionality beats out a computer. The iPad has become a part of my daily life and I am sure that is true for many. However there is some things that have to be changed to keep the iPad a success. Remember this is from a design and hardware standpoint. The software will be sometime soon (hopefully).


The design needs to be changed. There has been 4 iPads released but if you think about it only 2 designs. The last time the iPad got a design change was with the iPad 2 back in 2011. It is time for a new design but what will it be? From a logical standpoint it will go towards the design of the iPad Mini. Now I am all for that however the design mockups and part “leaks” have the smaller bezels which I don’t want. I don’t really like the smaller bezels on the iPad Mini because it feels like something is going to be tapped I don’t want. However the mini is smart enough to detect this and won’t open anything. The iPad mini doesn’t have the bezels because it is made to be small and very portable and bezels make it bigger. However for the full sized retina iPad I want the bezels. This is because the iPad isn’t something you buy to be very small and portable anymore you’ll by a mini. So I say put the mini design in and keep the bezels because I like to grip on them and being able to see the entire screen instead of worrying my thumbs are covering or will accidentally tap something unwanted.


Okay so tablets at least for the Android side are going big and hard with the “power means everything” which in ways is true… to a computer. In a tablet you won’t notice if something has a quad core or a dual core powering it because either way it will be fast. They seem to be adding power just to put it on a biased comparison chart against the iPad. Don’t get me wrong Apple has done biased comparison charts, in fact every company does. With a tablet you get to the point where you won’t notice the extreme amount of power everyone is trying to put into them. For the processor the A6x runs like a champ. In fact the A5X in my iPad 3 with Retina Display works perfectly fine. It will run every app smoothly and everything is almost instant. Apple does not need to add power you aren’t going to notice unless they do something with iOS that needs the extra power but even then you won’t notice it because it will be used to power something in the background.


The battery is fine. 


The display in the Retina iPad is perfectly fine. In fact I am pretty sure if they were to waste the time to put more resolution into something so tiny you wouldn’t be able to notice it anymore because your eye wouldn’t be able to pick it up. Apple knows this and doesn’t waste their time trying to fit in some ridiculous resolution no human would ever be able to notice. The display is going to stay the way it is for a while.


To wrap it all up the iPad is a great device that needs a little bit of a design change and that’s kind of it in terms of hardware. In terms of software there is a lot that can be done but I will cover that in “Let’s talk iOS 7: iPad” sometime soon hopefully.

Apple To Give iOS 7 A Major UI Change


iOS (previously known as iPhone OS) was what made the iPhone the best of the best back when it was announced in 2007. Sadly though it has gone untouched in the sense you could take an original iPhone out of the box and the whole thing would look almost exactly similar. There would be changes to Apps and to functionality (including the app store) but it would look almost exactly the same with the grid of icons.

That however may be coming to an end. Earlier this year Scott Forestall in charge of iOS development was fired and the prestige Jony Ive took over. There is a sense that Jony is going to get rid of some of the texture we see in apps such as the calendar and contacts and mold them to a more aluminum based design. What else will be done in the operating system is yet to discovered but I have hopes for the next iOS version. iOS 7 is expected to be revealed sometime in the summer with the next iPhone following it.

My let’s talk about the next iOS will be coming soon as I have a lot to talk about but will be up soon.

Let’s Talk About the next iPad Mini

iPad MiniThere is no doubt the iPad Mini is a great device. Maybe even better than the bigger iPad because of the small size so you can bring it everywhere. In fact I regret that I didn’t wait for the LTE version because I bring my iPad mini places where there is no Wifi all the time and I get sad. However if you think about it the new iPad mini is right around the corner so I think this would be a good time to say what we should expect and what I want from the iPad Mini.


No I do not mean the battery. I mean the processor power. The A5 just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Android tablets are getting quad core processors and while the iPad Mini doesn’t need a quad core because honestly you won’t notice the power but the A5 lags a little bit I can tell it going from the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 to the iPad Mini. Don’t get me wrong the Mini is fast but I would love for Apple to strap the A6 processor into the next iPad mini. It would solve the problem of powering the retina display that takes a lot of power and battery to power (I will get to the retina display soon I promise). Plus the Mini would be able to load Apps and everything almost instantly. It makes sense to add the A6… I hope they do.



Many people say that Apple won’t put the Retina Display into the iPad Mini. To be honest Apple needs to put in the Retina Display to compete with other tablet makers that have much better screens (kindle fire HD, nexus 7, etc). Now people say that the reason that Apple won’t put the Retina Display in is because there isn’t enough power to power the device and the display without sacrificing the battery life currently in the iPad Mini. Actually this isn’t true. Apple is more than capable of putting a retina display in the iPad mini that will have very little effect on the battery life. The device may be a little hotter than the non retina version (Remember the iPad with retina display came out everyone noticed it was hotter than the iPad 2?) but if Apple was to strap the A6 into the iPad mini with the chips great power management and extreme power the device would be fine. Not to mention the battery life would be close to the same or just a little shorter.


The battery of the iPad Mini is the same as all the other iPads that have been made which is very good. I can get a few days on mine but that isn’t using it all day, that is taking notes in maybe one or two classes. I think the iPad battery life is okay at the moment and doesn’t really need to be extended. However the battery might be changed to make it so the retina display can be powered however I don’t see a need to extend the battery life.


I like the design of the iPad Mini I do I really do. I don’t love it though. I think this is mostly because the display on the black iPad doesn’t look well. It looks okay but it takes away from the design. The white iPad Mini looks so much better and mostly because to me anyways the display shines more on it. I think Apple can use the same design as they do with the current mini for one more year but then after that they need to change it. If they add a retina display it will make the design almost perfect. That’s just my thoughts though.

So really all Apple has to do with the next iPad Mini is add a retina display, add a faster processor, and just a little bit more battery life. However the OS needs a lot of improvement but that is a post for another day.