iPhone Event Rumor Roundup! [Video]

(iOS 7 myths below)

We are less than 24 hours away from Apple’s iPhone event and that calls for a rumor roundup. Instead of making a very long post on everything we have learned about what is going to be at the event I decided to make a video of everything we learned. My show notes are below but here comes some linkage for live blogs tomorrow and where I get some of my news.






Plus the special home button design.

iOS 7:
GM For developers, public the 13th
iPhone 5S:
Gold, Graphite, Black, White,
Same form factor
Scanner in the home button
Button to have a ring of LEDS?
NFC possibility
802.11 AC Networking
A7: hopefully just a power management chip, haswell.
Better RAM
128GB model? Killing 16
Pre Orders the 13th Launch the 20th.
iPhone 5C:
Colors oh my!
Plastic Shell
No scanner
8gb only?
4 inch shell
Mac Updates:
Macbook Pro:
Retina display to get haswell
Mac Pro launch date
Mavericks: Launch in October