iPad Air First Impressions


I didn’t get the iPad Air but I did get to see one and use one today at my local Apple store and got some impressions for it. I also was able to snap a few pictures of the iPad and it does look nice. Here are my thoughts.


I like the design that is taken from the iPad mini. It is essentially a bigger version of it. The design with thinner bezels is a good one especially because the screen will tell when you are holding it so it won’t mistake it with a touch for say a button.


All I can say here is that the screen is remarkable just like the other iPads with retina displays.


The weight surprised me especially after having an iPad 3 that is heavy for a tablet. The iPad Air does take after it’s name. I cannot even tell the difference of weight from the iPad Mini and the new iPad Air and that’s something remarkable and I think that is a reason alone for a lot of users to upgrade from their current generation.


Sense I used the floor model I have limited things I can do. However opening apps, viewing 3D buildings, and running games all ran smoothly. A lot better on the iPad 3 I have been using but that was indeed a bad choice with processor. The A7 displays amazing power in the device and will be enough to handle almost anything you throw at it.

Bottom Line:

The iPad Air seems to be a very good option if you are looking for a large screen tablet with an all day battery life. In terms of portability and weight this iPad is the best out of all generations. The weight alone is enough of a reason to upgrade because it will allow you to take it more places and make you want to use it more and more. The power is great enough for anything you want to do on the iPad. The thinness of the device is staggering and the display is absolutely incredible. The iPad is pricy starting at $500 for 16gb on wifi but if you are looking for an amazing tablet that you can bring anywhere loaded with apps this is your device.