uSurf 3.0 Now Available!

uSurf 2 iTunes

With iOS 9 being so big I had to release something to complement it. This is of course uSurf 3.0 which is now available for all devices running iOS 8 and some goodies for those running iOS 9.Here’s what’s new

What’s New:
Version 3.0:
-Support for iOS 9
-uSurf Allows For Split Screen Multitasking on iPad Air and iPad Air 2! This will allow you to surf the web while doing other activities (single web view).
-Added gestures for navigation. Use 2 fingers and swipe to the right to go back in your browsing history.
-Swipe towards the left with 2 fingers to go forward in your browsing history.
-Tapping the blur effect in the share sheet on Split Screen will close the share sheet.
-Added History so you can see where you are browsing from.
-UI Improvements


There are some things to note here with the changes. For the swipe to go back there is no animation for this it just happens. It also requires 2 fingers for the gesture to be recognized. Also some pages have elements that make iOS ignore this function. Along with this if you go to a different view then it go back and want to get back there it won’t work. Also browsing the web in split screen on iPad will not add to the history view (yes this is being worked on).

That’s it for this update! I am working hard on another to try and fix some of the problems I mentioned above that is in my control along with some other added goodies. Enjoy iOS 9 and uSurf 3.0 (which is now free!)!

uSurf (Free) (iOS)


uSurf is Now Free!

uSurf 2 iTunes

With today’s iPhone announcement there are a lot of things going on. One of the things I have been working on is updating uSurf to iOS 9… With this I unfortunately realized that with the addition of split screen multitasking on the iPad Air 2 and on uSurf is in an awkward state. However uSurf will live on and it will be free from now on.

uSurf lives on and is still a great choice for people running iOS 8 and have older generation of devices. I will continue to update uSurf for everyone. Our iOS 9 update will be jammed packed with new goodies and I can’t wait for you to see them.

See you when the next uSurf version goes live.

(P.S Happy iPhone Day!)