uSurf 4.0.1 Now Available


uSurf 4.0.1 is live on the App Store for iOS right now and it bring some much needed fixes that were discovered with the release of 4.0.

4.0.1 Changes:

  • Fixed issue with fullscreen and iPhone laying flat…(oops?)
  • Fixed issue with iPad Share and Support Buttons
  • Fixed issue with blur sheet for homepage (iPad Pro)

As of right now this is it for changes. I of course am always looking for things to fix and ways to improve so if there are any suggestions please leave a comment or email with the subject uSurf!

Download uSurf 4.0.1 for free on the App Store


uSurf 4 Now Available!


uSurf launched around a year ago and it has grown so much in the year it has been out. For uSurfs 1st birthday I thought I would give it a big update with some great new features. uSurf and uApps have grown a great deal within this year and even though there has been some great updates and I would like to thank you for downloading. There will be plenty of more updates coming. uSurf 4 comes with a pretty big changelog:

Time for some upgrades…


  • Added new icons for various things around the app!
  • Added full screen browsing to iPhone in Landscape Mode!
  • Added Option For Full Screen Browsing on iPad (Landscape)!
  • Added buttons in views for split screen users(finally).
  • Starting to incorporate 3D Touch (iPhone 6S/6S+)
  • Added the ability to have a home page
  • Added some neat little animations with our new features!(This actually took a lot of time so I wanted to make it known)
  • For iPhone 6 and higher there is a new share sheet!
  • Fixed animations with share sheet!
  • Fixed issues with the right URL Bar…
  • Fixed issues with the setting layout (iPhone 4 and 5)
  • The snow will be sticking around for now!

Thanks for using uSurf for an entire year and I will see you all with the next update.