uSurf 4.2 Now Available

uSurf 4 iTunesuSurf 4.2 began hitting the app store last night with some great updates to Split-Screen for iPad. uSurf 4.2 has the following changes:

  • Added history to split screen
  • Added retina icons to split screen
  • Added home button to split screen
  • Fixed issue when changing orientation in split-screen the share sheet would move…
  • Fixed issue when sharing on split screen iPad the Twitter and Facebook icons weren’t there.

As always bug reports can be submitted through the app, on uSurf support on here, and of course on this post.

Happy Updates!

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uSurf 4.1 Now Available!

uSurf 4 iTunes

uSurf 4.1 is now being pushed to the App Store for your iOS Device. uSurf 4.1 fixes a lot of issues and adds some great new things, including adding back support for iOS 8! As you can see I have also changed the icon (and may make tweaks to the current but expect it to stay at that for now!) The official changelog below!

4.1 Changes:

  • Removed Snow (Time for some warm weather!)
  • Changed Icon (The old one wasn’t doing it for me)
  • Made it so when you add a bookmark the current URL Shows in the field
  • Adding a new tab will now bring you back to your homepage and show that you have added a tab.
  • Added share sheet to iPhone 4s/5(s)
  • Enough of the icons not being retina, I have made the icons higher quality (will be in split screen soon I promise)!
  • Added new sharing icons for Facebook and twitter.
  • Fixed issue on iPhone where back and forward gesture arrows wouldn’t show.
  • Fixed issue with changing the home page on iPhone
  • Fixed issue with auto-correct and adding a bookmark
  • UI Fixes and additions.
  • Added back support for iOS 8!

Of course I am always looking for suggestions and bugs to fix with the next version so use the contact sheet below, email me using the in app email, or leave a comment to leave me some feedback.

Happy Downloading!

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