Important Update For All uApps iOS Apps

Today there is an update for all uApps applications for iOS. For specifics uTime, uSurf, and uFail all are receiving updates today to fix a future issue before it is an issue. The issue that is going to happen with all older versions of our applications is that the newest version and uApps news labels will fail to render.

On September 1st I received an email from DropBox stating they would no longer render HTML in shared links…. This presents a problem because every app we have uses this feature to pull the newest version and our uApps News label.

To resolve this problem I found a different host that is now apparent with all of the updates that are rolling out on the App Store today. The current labels will work until October 1st and then will just be blank.

While a little fix it is important it happens now so while I can still have the older labels running I can tell all of you to update your Apps so it pulls data from the new source.

That’s all for the updates(except uSurf has a button theme change).

Download uTime | uSurf | uFail