Could this be the iPhone 5 home button?


The image you see above made its way onto cultofmac and it is told to be the home button for the iPhone 5. Now if this is true then the rumors of the new capacitive home button is surely dead and that might just kill the capacitive volume buttons as well. Now you see above the little battery snapped circle? Yes that is the same as the iPhone through the iPhone 4 it makes sure the little plastic button comes back up so you can click it again to make start multitasking. Now if this is what the iPhone 5 home button is than it confuses me. You see if Apple were to keep the home button then why not make it the same one that has been on the iPhone for around 4-5 years now. It makes sense to keep the same home button and honestly it looks kinda stupid. I don’t know why they would get rid of the circle for sort of half circle if you want to call it that which makes me think it is a fake and someone once again is trying to make money of a product that hasn’t even been released yet. I don’t think Apple would make the home button look like that ever especially giving the fact that leaked supposed iPhone 5 image found in photo stream has a sort of oval home button or touch area makes me think this is even more fake. I could be wrong. Only time will tell.
[VIA cultofmac]
[iPhone 5 photo stream]


iPhone 5 to only have 16/32GB?

The UK iPhone carrier vodaphone has leaked that the iPhone 5 might only be a 16/32GB capable device. The image you see above comes from the Vodaphone showing off a sort of MIFi type device and showing the compatible devices showing the current iPhone 4 models. That isn’t the thing though the site states the MIFi like device is compatible with the iPhone 5 white/black and 16/32GB. There is nothing saying there is a higher storage. So at least we will get a white iPhone 5 from the launch but we might have to wait another year for a 64Gb iPhone. Hey maybe Apple will surprise us during the music event with a 64Gb model! Never know.

Need more proof the iPhone is coming to Sprint?


Well it seems that Sprint is definitely is going to be getting an iPhone and if not then this is really weird. It seems sprint is having a sort of “blackout” do to a major phone launch between September 30th and October 15th which fits in very nicely with the current iPhone 5 announcement and launch rumors. Now I am going to be completely honest and I have no idea what a “blackout is” but I do know that the current rumor is that the iPhone 5 is supposed to be announced sometime later this month and be on sale on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and possibly T-Mobile early October which fits in with this schedule. iPhone meet Sprint. Sprint meet iPhone.

Apple News Update [9/2/11]

Well here we go my first Apple News update! Lets get started!

confirmed: naunce speech ios 5 is being tested.

A little bit of an interesting story 9to5mac has confirmed that Apple is testing NAUNCE Speech To Text in iOS 5. It isn’t available for anyone but Apple’s testers but if all goes well then it should make it’s way to us this fall hopefully with the iPhone 5.


iPhone 4 in supposed iPhone 5 case shows big changes.

The image you see above is what is an alleged iPhone 5 case and an iPhone 4 sitting in it and it does look like if thats an accurate case there are some big differences. Now as you can see it seems to be a lot thinner and I mean a lot thinner. It is also wider probably for what is rumored to be the bigger and better 4 inch screen of the upcoming iPhone and if you look to the left you see the whole for the mute switch but nothing for the buttons. Does this add to the rumor of the buttons all going capacitive? We’ll find out.

iPhone 5 investigators could have been Apple employees.

Remember the iPhone 5 story we had about someone leaving the iPhone 5 in a bar? Well it seems that the police who went looking for the prototype might not have been actually police but instead have been Apple employee’s or one of them anyways. Now Calderón the man who found the iPhone reports this to SFWeekly:

Calderón said that at about 6 p.m six people – four men and two women – wearing badges of some kind showed up at his door. “They said, ‘ Hey Sergio we’re from the San Francisco Police Department.'” He said they asked him whether he had been at the Cava 22 over the weekend (He had) and told them they traced an iPhone to his home using GPS.”

After a search of the man’s property with no successful find the intruders allegedly offered $300 for the return of the device and left a phone number when called leaded to Apple Senior investigator who is a former San Jose police officer. Anthony Colon deleted his linkedin profile which is what you see above… So I don’t know about this one but it is very interesting to read. Check out this link for more information.


iPhone 5 now has an fcc number

What you see above is the FCC number for the upcoming iPhone 5. So it seems the FCC has confirmed it and it should be coming to us soon. The number for the device is BCG-E2430A compared to the GSM iPhone 4’s “BCG-E2380A” FCC ID and CDMA iPhone 4’s “BCG-E2422A” FCC ID. Usually Apple devices don’t get a number until they are announced. This just shows that Apple is getting closer to announcing the iPhone 5.

Apple Seeds MAC OS X 10.7.2 to developers iCloud beta 10

Apple is continuing to push iOS software and Mac software by them today releasing Mac OS X 10.7.2 and iCloud beta 10 to Mac Developers. So go and get it!

[Mac Developer Portal]

So that is all the news that happened when I was in school it took me a little past 4 to do it but there was a lot to do and I think I did well. All new information will be in a new post.

Next Generation iPhone parts?


Well it seems that there are parts leaking all over the place it seems that new parts of the new iPhone 5 (above)have surfaced also it seems an improved antenna for the iPhone 4S or budget phone have surfaces. According to the rumor the parts supposedly for the iPhone 5 don’t really look like what we have been hearing with a rounded back. It seems to be like a clone of the iPhone 4 parts but it could have a bigger screen. Also there has been parts of a better and improved antenna system for Apple’s rumored budget phone or 4S(below)


If you were to ask me I think all of this isn’t correct at all and what we hear is wrong. Or at least these current rumors are wrong. Both the new antenna and the parts could be for a revised iPhone 4s or the budget phone or there won’t be 2 new phones and it will just be a revised iPhone 4 being the 4s. We will see.

iPhone 5 could launch in September

Well it seems that the rumors of an October launch for the iPhone 5 might not be accurate. A new rumor says that Apple has started giving carriers iPhone 5’s to test them on their network. Also according to DigiTimes Apple has made an order for 10 million iPhone 5’s ahead of launch.

Pegatron Technology has landed orders for 10 million units of iPhone 5 to become the second ODM of the smartphone. Shipments will start in September, according to industry sources.

So it seems like it is going to be a September launch… At least for the U.S anyways.

What to remember about iPhone Prototype Images and Videos

With images and now even videos going around of what people say is the next iPhone I want to say a few things about this. Personally I don’t think any of them are real. The video that has been going around today has been fooling a lot of people. It is a knockoff. The reason I say this is because last year when Gizmodo got hold of an actual iPhone 4 apple was going nuts having it deactivated and people even going to get it. You couldn’t even get the phone to a lock screen and in the video he did so that’s why I say fake. Apple would be all over this. It is a knockoff of the OS as well if you look it looks likes jail broken iPhone and you wouldn’t be able to do that with a prototype. So look it is fake. A knockoff like those fake Apple stores in China. The design might be similar but I don’t think it is a prototype because it is still working and it looks like a jail broken iOS which again is impossible to get on an unreleased product. I mean it took forever for an iPad 2 jailbreak so there ya go. Sorry everyone.

T-mobile offers micro sim card to iPhone 4 users.

Looks like T-mobile USA is looking to add more to the 1 million iPhone users it claims to have running on their network by selling micro sims to iPhone 4 users running around with unlocked iPhone 4’s. Currently T-Mobile running iPhone’s can’t run 3G or 4G on T-mobile but edge works fine. This could lead to maybe an iPhone 5 or a future iPad running on T-Mobile in the future. Currently T-Mobile says the sim will cost $10 but you can get them free online.

iPhone Nano?


With the upcoming release there has also been some reports of an iPhone nano or a budget phone going along with the next generation of iPhone. The phone would be a cheap alternative to the main iPhone 5 or 4S. BGR posted this article of what a source tells them.

“According to our source, Apple will indeed be launching a prepaid / lower cost iPhone this year.
We are told the handset will retail for no more than $350 without contract. Ready for the really interesting part? It’s entirely possible that the low-cost iPhone will in fact be the iPhone 3GS. Via BGR:
Seems expensive for a budget phone? Not really as it doesn’t require a contract with AT&T or Verizon. Of course there might be the option of buying the iPhone 4 with contract for $50 or by having the 3Gs by having the 3Gs a free phone with signing up with a new 2 year contract. Or they could have all of this together which might not be the worst idea they have ever done. The question would be what doesn’t the iPhone nano have that the iPhone 5(4S) has??


Is this the next iPhone? I say No!

20110717-091614.jpg has told users that a user has given them images of the next iPhone. If the phone pictured above is a prototype than it has the same design of the iPhone 4 I can’t really tell the difference. The software running on the phone is is what apple uses to test the hardware of the phone. Some phones back when the iPhone and the iPod touch first launched some devices shipped with that screen.

The image above is when the device is connected to iTunes. It appears to be a first generation iPod touch. I think this is fake. A little Photoshop magic because if you connect an iPhone with that screen than what’s the chance that iTunes would connect to it like the one gizmodo had. Also why would iTunes have it as a first generation iPod touch hint iPod touch be the image for the device. So I am calling fake on this.