Tiny Wings 2.0 is out now!

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Tiny wings 2.0 is now available to download in the App Store! The update includes 15 new hand crafted levels and a new game mode called “Flight School.” The game is free if you already paid for Tiny Wings 1.0 and is available to download now! Link Below!

[Tiny Wings – 99¢]


Facebook Camera VS Instagram

Remember when Facebook Bought Instagram? Many users ditched and some stayed. Actually I have been getting into it a little more because I like how I can share to all the major networks at once (facebook and Twitter). Facebook has today introduced it’s own instagram app called “Facebook Camera” and to be honest… It’s actually not as bad as you would expect. So let’s go in depth into the newest app from the Social Network giant!

First thing’s first is there really is no reason for this app. At all. They could have easily put all the features inside the Facebook App itself, and I don’t see why they don’t! Actually ALL of the Facebook apps could be integrated into 1 app! With that being set in let’s look at the good the bad and the ugly.

The Good

There is a lot of thing’s I like about this app. However some of it should have been basic for the Facebook app in general and not need a separate app. Actually again all of the apps should just be integrated.

I really like the ability to upload multiple photos. I am not a big photo uploader to facebook but when I go on vacation and snap photos I want to upload them in a bunch not upload 1 at a time! Thankfully they have solved this problem! All you need to do is view a photo and press the little checkmark in the top right! Do that for multiple photos and then press the Compose button on the bottom right. You can also bring up the composer and press the plus for individual ones.

I will be completely honest in this. The effects are not nearly as good as the ones found in Instagram. However they will do. You have to add the effects individually  for every photo you want to upload which makes sense. However you can not use blur effects or brightness effects but they might be saving this for another update.

As you can see the effects are similar to that of instagram minus the blur effects and brightness. As you can see from the side by side. Honestly thats the only good thing’s that I can think of right now.

The Bad

There is a ton of thing’s wrong with this app. Well not wrong just annoying little which will probably be fixed in a future generation of this app. One of the thing’s that annoys me the most is that you cannot choose what Album your photo’s will go to. It makes sense to allow people to upload photo’s to an album of there choosing to some but not to the maker(s) of this App. All your photo’s will upload to the Mobile Uploads section of your facebook.

Again it doesn’t make sense to me at all why they didn’t integrate this into the main facebook App which is one of the bad. Here is a note to developers: Not every feature has to have a separate app!

Blur effects are missing from the app and the effects don’t seem to really… Stand out as much as they did with instagram. Also there isn’t borders for it yet. If you think it is because of the sunlight in the image then check this one out.

The Smaller one is the instagram. I don’t know why it is so small. Sorry.


The app is fine. It works if you want it to. However it will never be able to replace the full instagram because it only shares to facebook. Right now it doesn’t even come close because it is missing some of the effects in instagram and basic functions that are in the Facebook mobile app. I don’t see this as an instagram killer… Only a want to be. I have included a video for you to watch to know more. However Facebook has a lot to learn from Instagram… They should use it to their advantage that they own it…

[Facebook Camera – FREE]

Video – 

Angry Birds Space Review

Angry birds space was released last week and just like every other Angry Birds game it has risen to the top of the App store. However how great is the newest game? You might not like it just a fair warning.


The gameplay of this game is great. It is less challenging than the other Angry Birds games in my opinion. You have to deal with gravity fields and floating rocks in outer space to get through the levels. You even get some new birds that would have been more useful in the other games than this one. The gameplay is great but again sort of simple and the birds are basic modifications of the old birds.

The Good

The good thing is Angry Birds space will keep you entertained for a while anyways but I will get to that later. The levels are a little more challenging with the gravitational pull. I like the new birds for the space theme too.

The Bad

The thing that saddens me the most with this installment is that I see more bad than good with it. The birds are the same thing just with one variation of the yellow speed bird which is now a purple speed that has aim. The only new bird I can see is the ice bird turning blocks into ice so you can destroy them.

So much payed content. You payed for the game right? Wrong! You payed for maybe about half of the game. You get 2 sets of levels and then you need to pay extra for more sets of levels. Rivio do you really need the money cause I refuse to pay for more levels.


It seems Angry Birds has plummeted into a way just to make some more money for the company and the people who created it. I honestly don’t love it. It is too obsessed with getting you to spend more and more without offering anything new. It is fun for a couple of hours until you have to pay for the extra levels…. I don’t say it is a must have because it is the same as every other Angry Birds Game.

[iPhone $1] [iPad $3] [Mac $5]

Apple Starts 25 BILLION App Downloads Countdown

It has been a big week for Apple with the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion and now Apple has posted that it is about to hit 25 BILLION App Downloads from the App store. Thats pretty good for about 4 years! You can try and win the contest in 2 ways. One you can try to download the 25 Billionth app or you could follow this link and input all the information to get selected. Please note to enter you have to be at least 13 to enter and you can only enter 25 times PER DAY. The main prize is a $10,000 gift card you can use on the iTunes store. So what are you waiting for get downloading and entering!


How to follow the Super Bowl with your iPhone,iPad,and Mac

Superbowl Sunday is great. Unless you aren’t anywhere near a TV. That changes today. I am going to tell you how to watch the Super Bowl live using either your iPhone, your iPad, or even your mac!

NFL Live for Verizon iPhone

If you have a Verizon iPhone you are lucky. You van get the NFL Live app for your iPhone and watch the game live. The App is universal but I don’t know if you can stream it right to your iPad so you might not want to rely on this for your iPad.

[App Store Link]


This is probably a good free version to use! All you have to do is launch safari and go to the site which can be found here. Then just watch the game! This can be done from your Mac,iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!

[WebSite Link]

Super Bowl Commemorative App For The iPad

This one isn’t free but it gets the job done and I am guessing very well too. The app will bring you how the Patriots and The Giants made it to the super bowl, stadium shots, interviews and of course the live game. If you wanna snag this app go head!

[App Store Link- $3]

Microsoft office coming to the iPad and OS X Lion [Rumor]

The full Microsoft Office may be coming to your iPad! This would be of course to compete with Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications for business. It seems that Microsoft wants in some of this business. As it is rumored Microsoft is going to start offering its office suite for the iPad.

According to sources, the tech giant is actively working on adapting its popular software suite for Apple’s tablet. With the iPad making up over 80 percent of the tablet market and millions of people worldwide using Office, that could mean big bucks for the tech giant based in Redmond, Wash.

In addition to an iPad-ready version, a new edition of Office is expected for OS X Lion sometime next year. The current version of the desktop package, Office 2011, officially supports iOS versions up to Snow Leopard. A Lion version, likely available via the Mac App Store, is widely expected. Windows, too, is due for an update, with Office 2012 currently in beta form.

So in addition to the iPad getting some office love all of os running OS X lion might be getting office 2012 with Lion in the Mac App Store. All of the apps for both the iPad and the Mac should be less than Apple’s iWork app pricing.

Find My Friends Doesn’t Always Use Your Location

A lot of buzz has been going around Find my Friends the last couple of weeks and I have gotten to use the service a lot and I am going to clear up some questions you might have about it! So let’s get started.

Does it always use my location?

NO! You may think this because how else would friends find you. No it doesn’t you see what happens when a friend launches the App it requests all the locations of their friends. Then they can choose to refresh to find it again or not. It only does it for a one time thing it doesn’t always monitor where you are your friends have to request it.

how do i disable people from finding me?

You of course can always make it so people will not see where you are and it seems people forget this exists that it always is on! All you have to do is go into the app and hit the me tab on the bottom. Than you can turn on the switch to hide from your followers meaning they won’t be able to see your location!

Those are most of the things I have been seeing around the internet and people asking me about. If you have a question you would like me to answer on the site or even add to here then comment on this post, send me a message on twitter @matthewjagiela, or even on Facebook!