How to Clear iCloud Photo Stream [Tips]

I want to help everyone find out all the things they can do with their technology so here we go with some tips! Right now I am going to be showing you how to reset your iCloud library in case you have some photos you aren’t proud of say or you just want to start over. So To find out how to reset Photo Stream hit the break!

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Something new…

Hi everyone,

This is Tate from AllTheWay Apps!  My fantastic friend (This site’s owner) has let me make a post on his blog in order to advertise and get some views on my blog!  The address is: All The Way Apps Developer Blog. On my blog, I will be posting about the development of games for iOS, meaning daily updates, tips, tricks, even tutorials every now and then.  Over the past few days, I’ve been posting about a game inspired by Minecraft and Terraria.  Thats right, one of those games where you spawn in a randomly generated world and have to survive and thrive.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Well that’s all for now, make sure you check out my blog, but more importantly, make sure you keep coming back and checking this site!  Thanks Matt!

~~ Tate [AllTheWay Apps]

Note: All readers please note this is where developer tips will be posted but will be advertised here as well. Developer Tips tab will be redirected to All The Way Apps Developer site. Go check it out!

How to downgrade FaceBook for iPhone [Tips]

If you use the FaceBook for iPhone app a lot like me you will want to stay away from the new update for the FaceBook for iPhone app. Now you see Facebook for iPhone has a reputation for being one of the buggiest apps in the app store… This update takes it to a new level. You see they say bug fixes but it adds so many more the app can actually crash your phone. I haven’t been able to use it for more than a few seconds before it either freezes or crashes. Now if you are lucky you might be able to downgrade to the old USABLE version. It might be buggy but at least it works and to find out how to do this follow me after the break!

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