[Report] Apple Preparing 7.85-inch Mini iPads to Cost $250-$300

Kokatu translates a Chinese report on the once again iPad mini tablet:

Chinese net portal, NetEase, has a story on a rumored new mini Apple tablet. NetEaseclaimed that the device will be released around the third quarter of this year to “counter attack” the upcoming Windows tablets. The report further claims that the devices will cost anywhere from US$249 to $299 and that there will be an initial 6 million units ready for launch.

This would be of course to compete with the other smaller tablets on the market such as the Amazon fire. However I don’t see a need for a smaller iPad. I can see why some people would want one though. However apps would be a hassle. Developers would have to make a 3rd version of their apps and that’s a pain for developers and consumers. I don’t see a need for it but others would disagree with me.