New iPhone concept shows a 4.6 screen [Concept]

Some of you might have seen this concept but then again some of you might not have. Anyways a few days ago there was a rumor that the New iPhone would have a 4.6 inch screen which is most likely false. However that didn’t stop from ADR studios which has created some of my favorite iPhone 5 concepts from dreaming up what it could look like. Although the concept is nice it is sort of ridiculous. The design is nice as they envisioned it with the bigger screen, aluminum back, and colored edges. Also with the concept the home button would be completely software based which some rumors have said would happen. Also according to this concept The new iPhone would have a side to side display with not one retina displays but 3! One at the top one in the middle and one at the bottom. Also the design calls for getting rid of sim cards saying the most advanced phone shouldn’t have old technology. I personally don’t like how they made the back with a bump sort of where the area of the iPhone 4 is now or the screen size or lack of home button. I do like the idea of the colored edges, colored edges, and aluminum back. Full gallery below!

[ADR Studios]


More Renderings of the iPhone SJ Emerge

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Above are all the images for the iPhone SJ Concept including ones that emerged today. The iPhone Sj concept was amazing concept that I brought to you about a week ago. The concept had gotten so much attention ADR Studios added some new photos [Above] to the collection along with a video! This is what I hope Apple’s sir Jonathan Ives and Apple’s design team is looking at. Well some parts anyways. Full gallery of all the concept images along with the video below!


[ADR Studios]