Former Vice President (And Apple Board Member) Al Gore confirms “New iPhones” in October

Yes we have said that October 5th would be the date the announcement would be and everyone is now set on October 4th but before that we were all speculating this month. When is it going to be? Well new iPhones yes iPhones are coming next month. Don’t believe me? Ok but do you believe former Vice President Al Gore who is also an Apple board member? Gore who is an every efficiency and environmental awareness driver in Cupertino said in an uncharacteristic plug “Not to mention the new iPhones¬†coming out next month” This is the first time anyone at Apple has directly confirmed the launch of a new iPhone for next month. Also it is the first time someone from Apple has hinted at not one but 2¬†iPhones coming out next month which of course is the iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5. This doesn’t really prove anything until we see Tim Cook come on stage and tell us everything we want to know but it is better than all the crazy rumors floating around!

[ VIA iDownloadblog]