Google+ is the new Social Network [Apps]

In light of Google+ going public yesterday I made an account and I downloaded the iPhone app to go along with this and here is the short review. It is better than Facebook and it has a WORKING iPhone app. For the longer review of the service and the App hit the break!!

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Machinarium is hours of fun [Apps]


Continuing on with our App of the week today I am taking a look at a new app for the iPad 2. That app is called Machinarium. Now I haven’t played the game a lot to be very far because I keep getting stuck on some of the silliest things but that’s alright that is the point. So join me after the break for an in depth look for this fantastic game.
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Fun Apps: Doodle OMG [Apps]

For what I do and where I am (a high school) I am always getting asked “Matt what are the best new and enjoyable apps out there?” Well I am going to start making a post every week around the end of the week but today is special. This weeks app is Doodle OMG. Now Doodle OMG is a game where you are a stick figure trying to dodge ninja stars and boulders (yes they do look like cookies but ask the developer and check the info they are boulders). It is a really fun game! Full in depth view after the break!
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