Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 5!



The day has finally come with the new iPhone being announced. So I thought I would run down the most important aspects that make this phone the best iPhone yet.

Pre Orders and Launch

The new iPhone will not be available for pre order today (Sad Face) but they will be available for Pre Order on September 14th in the US and available in store 8AM. This will also be the date the Pre Orders arrive. There is no word on what time the Pre Orders will start but if history repeats itself (Which it is with Friday being the day!) then Pre orders will start at 3:45 PM Eastern or 12:45 Pacific.

The New Charger

The new charger for me is actually one of the best things. For so long I have wished it was smaller. However I hard a little nerd freakout moment when they said that the connector works both ways. All of you know this feeling: When you are in the dark ready to charge your iPhone and then you can’t figure out which way the connector goes. No more! There of course will be an adaptor that looks ridiculous but can already bought on the online store!

The New Screen

Of course we have known about this for a while but today it is official: The new iPhone for the first time ever will have a bigger screen then the ones in the past. if it seems pointless now that’s because it sort of is. However I have high hopes the next iOS(7) will take us away with the new screen!


The new iPhone sports a brand new never before A6 processor. This chip will make your iPhone fly. I don’t know all the details but I am told that it is 2x faster than the iPad. Hopefully this is true


This one was not really a surprise for me because the iPad had it. However now the iPhone is able to connect to LTE on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Sorry T-Mobile USA you will not have the iPhone unless you get one unlocked.



The new headphones that will come with the iPhone 5 are designed specifically for your ear without suction. I have hope they will be decent.


Finally we are at the design. They say they have an entire new design for the phone but that’s not true. It has the same form factor as the 4 did but the screen and sides and back are all different. The back will be Slate and Black for the Black Model and Silver and White for the white model.The sides will be aluminum and will match the color of the aluminum on the back.

Remember that the phone has the same price point and same storage models.